48 hours of "what if" until I speak with my therapist

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  • OccupyJehovahsWitnesses

    Hey everybody,

    So I just made an appointment with my therapist (these days I really only see someone when something specific comes up), as I need to discuss the statue of limitations in my state for child sex abuse cases.

    I've actually been doing some preliminary work on a book that I'm writing, at the recommendation of a different (previous) therapist and in so doing have been reading the Conti transcripts. I must say, she is QUITE the inspiration. And it got me thinking that if enough people can come forward and make enough of a public dent in the organization, perhaps there truly are changes that can be made. And bottom line, the more people in the public that know about it, the better.

    Anyways, for the first time ever I started thinking about actually going forward with a court case. However, based on the timeline of events, I'm not sure the statutes would allow for that or not.

    In addition I realized some other familial aspects a court case would bring with it, specifically related to my father (an elder).

    Needless to say, my brain can't stop playing "what if" as I anticipate my therapy session on Wednesday.

    I haven't felt quite this uneasy on this subject in a while.

  • Retrovirus

    Waiting for an appointment is always stressful, OJW!

    Welcome, and we'll be thinking of you!


  • OccupyJehovahsWitnesses

    Stressful indeed! Thank you Retrovirus :)

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