Life, how did it get here...

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  • goddidit

    Anyone have a link to a copy of "Life, how did it get here...?"

  • Caminante

    goddidit, here you go:

    This PDF is the text-only version of the book (artwork is missing), and it's not searchable (the text is in rasterized form).

  • goddidit

    Thanks Caminante.

    I wanted this as source for the 9th misquote on this page (Life, page 143)

    but if you compare the two versions of the misquote they are slightly different.

    I wonder if this is deliberately rewritten to be closer to the Lewontin reference, to minimize accusations, while still being very deceptive.

    Wouldn't be the first time they have "optimised" their texts.

    Any other copies of Life available anywhere?

  • transhuman68

    This is a scan from one of my books. Atlantis has posted a link to a PDF of the creation book before... maybe you could send him a PM?

  • goddidit

    Thanks transhuman68

  • goddidit

    Would be good to also get a copy of the original Scientific American, if anyone can help.

    I've scoured the net but to no avail, yet.

  • Watchtower-Free

    From Atlantis. Updated links

    Send Space (Click the link by the blue arrow and save to your computer.) . 1967 Did Man Get Here By Evolution Or By Creation? . . 1985 Life How Did It Get Here By Evolution Or By Creation . . 2004 Life How Did It Get Here By Evolution Or By Creation (Revised) . . 2006 Life How Did It Get Here By Evolution Or By Creation (Revised) . . 2010 The Origin Of Life-Five Questions Worth Asking . . 2010 Was Life Created

  • redvip2000

    I'm looking at the scanned page of the book and i'm looking at paragraph 5. It says that ""Zoologist Richard Lewontin said that organisms 'appear to have been carefully and artfully designed.' He views them as 'the chief evidence of a Supreme Designer.' "

    It makes me sick to see this type of intelectual dishonest. Richard Lewontin is a pro-evolution scientist and this words were taken out context and re-arranged to fit the watchtower's agenda.

    This scientist actually responded to this abuse to his words by saying:

    " the point of my article, "Adaptation" in Scientific American , from which these snippets were lifted, was precisely that the "perfection of organisms" is often illusory and that any attempt to describe organisms as perfectly adapted is destined for serious contradictions. Moreover, the appearance of careful and artful design was taken in the nineteenth century before Darwin as "the chief evidence of a Supreme Designer." The past tense of my article ("It was the marvelous fit of organisms to the environment . . . that was the chief evidence of 'Supreme Designer' ") has been conveniently dropped by creationists in an attempt to pass off this ancient doctrine as modern science"

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