Spare the rod and spoil the 15 month old baby

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  • usualusername

    Many years ago I witnessed a mother smacking her 15 month old baby.

    At the time I was shocked as the child was so young. I asked her about it and she said as soon as her kids learned to say no they were old enough to be smacked.

    I would love your opinions on this.

  • Cyruse

    I think everybody raises there kids in different ways, and if we force our opinion on other people we became that which we despise. On the other hand, I am not QUITE sure I would slap my child at 15 months.

  • ruderedhead

    You DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, HIT A 15 MONTH OLD!!!! There are other ways to deal with them. I've seen too many witnesses use the spare the rod excuse as a way to dismiss their borderline ( and sometimes not borderline) abusive ways with their children. That is lazy parenting.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I guess it depends whether it's a pop of the hand on the bottom of the diaper or something more extreme. I've heard JWs beat the crap outta their kids in the back elders spanking room. I don't think an infant understands a spanking. It's just pain. Discomfort. Depending on the age and manner of "discipline" it borders on or crosses over to abuse.

    Call Child Welfare or Family Services. Then it's not a matter of YOUR opinion. It's Ceasar's Representative. Let them sort it all out.


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