How has the JW religion affected you moving on spiritually when kids are involved?

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  • marriedtoajw

    Almost all of you have been affected by this religion in one way or another. If you left the religion I know you really have been affected or if you have family in but never were a JW, you are affected. When there are kids involved, the entire experience of leaving or trying to deal with the situation with close family in, the emotional, phsychological and spiritual effects are magnified. Dealing with my JW wife and hedging the JW stuff with the kids is draining. How have you delt with your personal situation when you have kids? What has happened to your kids spiritually if you left the religion or are married to JW? I have floundered spiritually for years just trying to keep peace in my house. How have you delt with it with your kids? Personal experiences are what I'm looking to learn from, not so much opinions. I have enough of those, thanks...

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