This will be airing in Norway. Criticism on Be Jehovah's Friend DVD

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  • blond-moment

    nglish Transcript:

    "Is that toy magic?"
    This is some of what we can hear in the animation video "Become Jehovah's friend", which was introduced at the religious community Jehovah's witness' assembly at Hamar last weekend. The movie is intended for children, and shows a young boy who's coming home with a wizard toy. The mother disapproves of this:
    "Caleb, who likes magic - Jehovah or Satan?" "Satan." "Right. Magic is bad. That's why Jehovah hates it. Do you really want to play with something that Jehovah hates?"
    The movie now receives strong criticism for the way the mother tries to raise the child, also from child psychologist Willy-Tore Mørch:
    "We know that through blindly obeying someone throughout the childhood years, we may get anxious and dispirited children who will become afraid to have their own opinions. Because they always have to check their opinions up against the authority, and that limits the child's ability to fantasize and think for itself. Worst case, this might influence the child's psychological health at a later date."
    Mørch reacts to how the mother in the movie gets the child to throw away the wizard toy, and how she also gives the impression that it was the boy's choice when it actually was the mother's own wish. The child psychologist also doesn't think it's right to introduce small children to "Satan".
    "It isn't, because it's scaremongering. So that children will obey in order to avoid the catastrophic punishment. I won't interfere with people's beliefs, but whatever one threatens with, it will be serious to a child at this age. That is why this is problematic."
    "Look at Sparlock's magic cape!" "Caleb, what toy is that?"
    Child psychologist Ellen Flaaten reacts to the mother's behaviour toward the boy in the movie:
    "He comes home excited and happy, and the mother greets him with an agenda that terminates his natural game. And the symbolic game is significant for the child's natural emotional development and personal growth. If the parents here are adviced to use such a systematic way to raise their children - and if this is representative - then I think that it may be unfortunate because the game and the playing is important and developing."

    Bo Juel Jensen was a member of Jehovah's witnesses for 23 years, but left it 18 years ago. He now goes public with his strong critisism against the religious community, and rejects the idea that the movie is about the upbringing of children:
    "In Norway we have freedom of religion, and this I accept. I have no problem with it, and I'm glad that we live in a state where this is possible. But... We have forgotten that there is no freedom of religion for children. They are completely subjected to what ever insanity their parents may choose to believe in. In this movie the mother's fantasy character who sits up in the sky, Jehovah, is so weak and so scared that it is forced to make sure that the boy's fantasy character, a plastic toy made in China, is thrown away."

    Jehovah's witnesses would not let themselves be interviewed by RadioNorge, but Øystein Gaathaug, head of press relations, tells Hamar Arbeiderblad that he thinks it's a nice movie. The thought behind it is to bring up important issues that each and every family may discuss. He rejects that the movie is manipulating children.
    "Jehovah loves you very much for obeying him."

  • ldrnomo

    This is so sad but true. I see my granddaughter (5 yr) first year of school (socialization) and now this guilt factor put into the mix she self admitedly says I'm confused.

    It breaks our hearts but there is only so much we can do. I HATE THIS CULT!!!!

  • crmsicl

    Ldrnomo's granddaughter (and mine) has learned at 5 years old to live a double life. She knows she can't have a birthday party so she celebrates birthdays for her little stuffed pets. She gets me to help her decorate and engage with her. I don't use the word birthday but she knows it's safe here and she can play out her needs. I told her parents that we don't encourage or discourage (maybe a little :) there beliefs so when she asks us: Grama do you like Halloween, Christmas etc. I tell her I don't mind them.

    The other day when we picked her up from school and brought her to our house we were playing in her cute little playroom under the steps. She was using a new electronic toy that her parents just got for her. She wanted to click on the ghost but said "I better not press that one", I said nothing. She held her ground for about a minute but then went for it then said "uh-oh I made Jehovah sad". I couldn't let her think that so I said "He'll get over it". That seemed to satisfy her.

  • Hortensia
    We have forgotten that there is no freedom of religion for children. They are completely subjected to what ever insanity their parents may choose to believe in.

    So true. Not that anything much can be done about it.

  • Satanus

    '"Jehovah loves you very much for obeying him."'

    Yes, but if little children or their parents dissobey him, he gets very angry and will kill them both, very soon. Some love.


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Simply oodles of LOVE demonstrated in the Old Testement wasnt there, or die you misreable dirty bastards! ...but I do LOVE you so much. Zap, scourge, plague, death at the hands of MY minions, death at the hands of your enemies (because I ordered it), oh but I do LOVE you so much.

    The Bible should be banned for under 18s.

  • SkyGreen

    When I saw this for the first time I was shocked at the level of control... What happened to being allowed to exercise our conscience?!

  • flipper

    This is a good thread, an important one.

    LDRNOMO & CRMSICL- I really feel for you both regarding your grandaughter being manipulated by the JW cult. Just keep being a positive influence on her and help her deal with her confusion and conflicting messages she gets from the cult. You guys are on top of things. I'm sure you'll do fine helping her. Hang in there. Peace out, mr. Flipper

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