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  • grewupjw1969

    As I was rumbling thru the internet I came across this site: www.newsystemschool.org

    I didn't know that they had started homeschooling.


  • finally awake
    finally awake

    there are several JW homeschool programs. We used to use Curriculum Services which is based in Florida, and I know a couple of families that used Pearblossom. I wasn't really impressed with either one, and I ended up selecting my own curriculum the last couple of years we homeschooled. My kids are in public school now, and way ahead of their peers academically. Socially, of course, they are behind the curve, but we're working on it.

  • fakesmile

    with our locale we would have a group of 3-6 studants with parents switching out driving in service.

    kind of a precursor to actual programs. not "endorsed" by the gb but kinda "encouraged".

  • fakesmile

    now that i think on it, it probably started as a study article. it was probably titled something with like "is homeschhooling right for a jw?"

    and ended with something sappy like "so homeschooling might allow for more time in field service." WOW this stuff is for real. omfg

  • snare&racket

    How sad,

    in the uk if you remove your kid from school and dont teach them you can go to jail, no messing about. So many JW homeschool kids have just one qualification to get around this. Many are on benefits. All of them are in awful, menial task jobs. Poor kids, those parents are sentencing their kids to shit futures. Its shameful, damn those governing body bastards.

    My sister was telling me that a school taught JW came round recently and thought the clock was broken because it said 00:00, the kid was 17. My sister told me how she couldnt read or write very well. It just made me so sad to hear that. I know a guy that started medical school whilst still 17, smashing the Krebs cycle (google it) inside out while JW homeschoolers couldn't use a 24hr clock. Painfully sad.

    i think its child abuse, i really do.

    snare x

  • snare&racket

    Just looked at the website.... While the rest of the normal kids are doing 6hr days of hard work, here is the JW homeschool suggestion...

    " Often, the first year is the hardest, because some expect home schooling to be exactly like public school. This is not the case, just relax, and enjoy having your children close to you during these difficult times we are living in! Schedules vary, but most do school in the morning and other activities in the afternoon."

    Which kids will fare better at exams do you think? I dont remeber half of the school day being a waste of time at all, so what exactly is the JW kid missing out on? There certainly isnt half a day of assembly, religious education, evolutionary FACT teaching or christmas card making, to be lost everyday of a kids school year.

    Love and time with your child will be lovely and sweet but it wont pay their bills as an adult, it wont allow them time with their kids because they will be out all day window cleaning, painting and decorating, cleaning etc to get by.

    This is horrendous advice!

  • snare&racket

    Holy Batman cakes...

    " If the child has not learned to read, remember that many are not ready at a very early age.. Some have had their natural desire to learn stifled by institutional programs..."

    " New System School, Inc., while recommending social awareness, does not itself adhere to evolution, nationalism, racism, worldly philosophy, pagan festivities, or excessive competition."

    evolution in the same list as racism and paganism. shit the bed, these people should not be teaching kids! Also excessive competition is what exactly? Who the hell promotes that? Ambition is a good thing, so lets hope they dont mean that.

    lordy, lordy.... What hope for our dumb young ones?

  • fakesmile

    to be fair, i got my reading comprehension from my choice. comics early & any and everything now. i knew how to grease palms and charm potential business connections and real world work experience by going to work with my pa at the age of 10. i honestly b elieve that a deprivation of formal education is what makes me who i am and makes me appreciate knowledge so much more. having said that, there are some definate limitations. ill never be a lawer or surgeon. clearly from my posts i have a hard time expressing my opinion. and missing out on finding where you fit on the social scale is not replaceable. also my math skills are not special, tho they dont suck... i do like thinking and learning.

    this post really hits close, thanks for bringing it up. ive never had a chance to vent out loud.

  • Kudra

    So... the "Curriculum" link looks like an info blurb from the theocratic ministry school or something...

    I especially like the part that says: " A lifelong interest in reading, learning, [sic] usually develops in our students. Community service usually becomes part of their life after graduation."

    Community service usually becomes part of their life after graduation?? LOL, this would totally fool any "worldly" reader into thinking that the JW homeschool graduates would be doing municipal outreach or community organizing or something worthwhile. But we all know that is means that graduates of this sham will be only equipped for walking around out in Service (R) (TM).


    NEW SYSTEM SCHOOL, INC. approaches the curriculum needs of the student by responding to the individual needs, educational goals, life goals, and abilities and interests of the student. It is flexible, interesting, and varied.

    Language Arts, including communication and reading skills, Math, Science, and Social Studies (including History and Geography) form the central curriculum. Life skills and preparation for the career of their choice, trades, family responsibilities, and single life preparation skills are all provided. Fine arts, music, art, and creative expression are all encouraged. Health, Physical Education, and Bible Instruction are part of the curriculum.

    Educational goals are reached through structured, disciplined studies, one-on-one attention, informal communication, research facilities, literature, and travel.

    Children are helped to communicate with people of all ages, backgrounds, life skills, and interests; to care for others, respect animals and property, acquire thinking ability and discernment, and good judgment as to right and wrong, good study habits, and how to seek out knowledge and be attuned to sources of information.

    A lifelong interest in reading, learning, usually develops in our students. Community service usually becomes part of their life after graduation.

  • Kudra

    They are careful not to emphasize science at all.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    we homeschooled for 9 years - kindergarten through 8th grade for our oldest and kindergarten through 6th for our middle son. I have to say that formal lessons for motivated, bright children really can be fully accomplished in 3 or 4 hours of solid work per day up through about 5th or 6th grade. If you add in art, music, or sports activities, those will take more time. My youngest attends a full day public kindergarten program, and he has learned less in 9 weeks than I would have taught him in 4. The *only* thing that I see the public school accomplishing with him that I had difficulty teaching my older kids is handwriting. His handwriting is actually pretty decent for a 5 year old. I was observing his classroom the other day, and there was a lot of wasted time. It took 10 minutes to do a bathroom break, which would have taken 3 minutes tops at home. It took a few minutes to pass out the supplies, and then there were several minutes when some children were done with their project and were just waiting for the other kids to finish up. At home, that dead time doesn't happen. Based on the completed workpapers he brings home, it appears he does about 2 hours of actual work per day, and the other 5 hours are mainly bathroom breaks, snacks, lunch, recess, lining up for all that stuff, craft projects, and listening to stories.

  • yknot

    I know a few JWs who briefly used both newsystemschool and pearblossom....

    I would say that if a parent was clueless of lesson plans then newsystemschool is a good start if online public school isn't available.

    These days it is pretty easy to obtain free resources from online public school textbooks and yags or using achive or google books for historical teaching methods (I loved Ray's Arithmetic and McGuffey's primers/readers)

    Ultimately, homeschooling success (JW or other) depends on the parent (and ideally a great support group).

    Also it is of the utmost importance to abide state laws.

  • yknot

    So true Finally Awake!!!!

    My biggest struggle putting my kids in public is they get bored, annoyed at the level of institutional structure or the pressure of hall herding to class with minimum time (but they love the electives and socialization).

    My youngest has expressed a desire to homeschool one semester a year and than 'hang' with buds during basketball and baseball season, while my oldest is devising plans to test out of basic courses and load up on electives...

  • Lozhasleft

    I homeschooled a daughter for a year through Key Stage 3 because of emotional difficulties she couldn't handle in her first year at High School. I set up a classroom and we kept timetables and went through schemes of work very successfully. Academically when she rejoined school she was actually ahead of her peers, but I was diligent and conscious of her not falling behind, and we worked hard together. There is however, no compensation for the social interactive development that learners gain from working and growing with their peers.

    Now that I am actually in the teaching profession, understanding the domains of learning, and teaching and learning styles, I see that we were actually very lucky to have been so successful. There are many skills involved in pedagogy that JWs with such poor advice from the WTBS can't hope to achieve. Learners should be in the best possible environment to achieve their full potential for life/work. With all its failings, the education system in the UK is excellent and free, so unless there's a very very good reason, it would tragic to take a learner out of it, and especially not to pacify a cult.

    Loz x

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    New system school...

    What a crock of cleverly worded bullshit, just like the child custody pack.

    my kids home schooled for 3 years and say they learnt nothing...


  • likeabird


    How about the credentials of those who started this school? I wonder how many have a college education let alone a degree in education. In any case there is no mention of this in their credentials, and if I was starting a school, it would be the first thing I'd be mentioning, but then, I guess that really isn't a selling point in dub world...

    New System School, Inc., was created for the purpose of helping parents who were looking for an alternative to the public school system for their children's education. The school was started in North Carolina in 1980. In 1985 the school was incorporated in Missouri, and associated corporations have since been formed in many states.

    New System School, Inc., is an organization of parents who wish to be directly involved closely in their children's educational process. They have made legal arrangements to be recognized as a private religious school. This is not a home school satellite situation, but a private religious school with a faculty and non-institutional campus arrangement.
  • perfect1

    Homeschooling is a great way to handicap your kid for life.

  • wannaexit

    Home schooling can be challenging. But it can work provided the parent(s) has an education background, takes advantage of all the resources available, and collaborates with the local school board. This entails following the local school curriculum and arranging for a qualified teacher, from the local school baord test the child(ren) periodically. In Canada this is important because in order to graduate and get a diploma- a student must have a set number of credits(28) volunteer hours and a second language.(core French).

    From my experience with the home schooled children in my area, few have been able to attain that provincial recognized diploma. No doubt this is because GB has hounded parents that education is from Satan, and since Jw are the most educated people on earth they can teach their children far better. (some may remember the talks that reading the awake of six months was the equivalent to a college education.

    I also know of a number of witness families have used the society's literature as a curriculum basis. One sister used the Daniel book as a basis for teaching history :(

    Another aspect that I have noticed is: ones that have succeed have taken much longer (one to two years more). For example there are 5 homeschooled children in the congregation I loosely attend aged 19-21) All of these children are still picking away at their high school credits, while my children of the same age are in university.

  • BlindersOff1

    We homeschooled our kids . They went on to excel by anyones standards .

    But if you are a LAZY witness parent just doing theminimum til the big A you will get exactly what you put into it.

  • tenyearsafter

    We used Pearblossom...it lasted one year, and then we had to put the kids back in public school. Unfortunately, the school board wouldn't recognize the homeschooling for graduation credits so the kids had to repeat an entire year! What a waste of time and money...

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