what are witness opinions on cremation

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  • mysisterinlawawitness

    thank for all comments

  • Mister Biggs
    Mister Biggs

    As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with cremation in the GB's eyes.

    Spoons?!? Can I assume that the potatoes will be mashed tonight?

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Should be fine! God uses his back up disk from whatever month you died to recall, recreate and output you on judgement day. Now is that on the new earth or the old earth?

    That must be some hard drive!

  • discuss

    I am a current and active JW.

    There is nothing wrong with cremation.
    However, you must take into account the
    view of the community.

    "all things are lawful, but not beneficial"

  • mysisterinlawawitness

    also my brother who she married too is not.
    and they have a child who is been raised as a witness.
    yet she told me she going to sit at the back and avoid singing any of the hymns and prayers.
    and has an invited an elder along as well.

  • Pathofthorns

    I find a significant number of Witnesses in my area wish to be cremated. I find Witnesses take a somewhat casual view of death and for many cremation seems to be the simplest choice.


  • mouthy

    I intend to be cremated. I have heard awful stories about old cemetaries being bull dozed-& the remains of "corpses" laying around.
    No thanks!!!I dont want folks to think I "Was worked to the bone"
    Id rather be an ash is somebodies eye
    I feel MY GOD knows me. He has the carbon

  • Valis

    Many of the JWs that I ever knew or associated with, couldn't affor full on funerals and had no other choice...for the best anyway. Funeral businesses are as big a racket as religion by far.


    District Overbeer

  • Solace

    My J.W mom freaked out when my grandparents were cremated.
    I dont know why. Maybe she thinks Jehovah would need somthing like an entire rib to bring someone back or somthing.
    Anyway, I know thats not what J.W.s believe. The resurrected are supposed to have all new perfect, fleshly bodies but we will still be able to identify our loved ones right?
    The words perfect and flesh should never be used in the same sentence
    because I dont believe its possible.
    The bible also tells us flesh is sinful and imperfect.
    Maybe they will be some sort of X-file. half flesh and half spirit being.
    Guess we just have to wait and see.

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