Anyone else get really pissed off?

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  • D8TA

    There be many issues in this world that gets my temper going. If I see something I dislike I often get passionate about it and like to
    debate the issue. Nice controlled debates, no mudslinging or flaming involved.

    But being brought up as JW....I sometimes get down right pissed off. I was "born" from the womb in to the cult. I had a "split" family, my Dad was NOT a Witness ever. So, I got lucky a few times when I'd complain that I didn't want to go to meetings, at least me Dad would tell my mom I should have a choice.

    I was baptized at 13 and DF'd at 16. Parents divorced at 17. And my mom, WHILE I WAS STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL(Junior Year) and still a MINOR, kicked me out of the house because I was disfellowshipped. Purely on the issue of me NOT attending the meetings.

    Was I bad teen? No. I held a 3.5 gpa from my Jr. High to Junior year.(Two of those years I had a 4.0). I NEVER caused any trouble for my parents in my teen years. I was a pretty good kid.

    To this day, my family cant even pin a situation where I had caused any trouble. I was a homebody, always reading or programming on my Apple II and Atar 800 XL computers. (this was early 80's).

    My crime? I had a free mind. I doubted (with good reason) the WTBTS. I had done my research and found the omissions and lies about the foundation of this cult. I was guilty in the eyes of the JW's, of having a different way of thinking.

    I've been to 12 countries overseas from the U.S., I have flown around this great big blue marble of ours. I'm currently studying cultural anthropology. I'm aware of governments (including ours) that unjustly treat it's population. How the powerful are corrupt. Seen the poverty, seen the famine. These issues raise a passion in me.

    The WTBTS on the other They owe me 16 years. 16 years I view like I would 16 years in a prison. Then to be shunned by my family afterwards.

    sorry for my french, but fuck 'em.


    ~ A day no season would claim ~

  • metatron

    I feel your anger - so many lives wasted, so many families ruined,
    so many children thrown away - in pursuit of fanatical dreams.

    Sometimes you feel like you'll never heal the wounds they've


  • openminded

    D8ta -we are in the same boat pal. I used to tell my beloved yet braindead mother that I could have murdered 4 children, shot a police officer and gone on a 4 state robbing spree and not received as much punishment as she doled out for hanging with "worldly" kids or "talking back" or watching Beavis and Butthead.

    I have one word for it all - Wacky

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