Rosemont Cemetery-Masonic Temple-Catholic Church CONNECTED

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    Yes, by land transfers - connected.


    The parcel now known as the land owned by the Mason's appears to have been consolidated some time ago to form one huge parcel.

    The Masonic Fund Society for the County of Allegheny purchased 42 acres of land in 1994 from the Catholic Cemeteries Association of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Inc. for $610,000.

    BUT there is a caveat! Included in the deed transferring the property from the Catholic Church to the Masonic Fund Society is this....

    " RESERVING AND EXCEPTING therefrom and thereout all that lot of lands of Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society bound and described.

    Beginning at the northeast corner of said property S 01" 40; 00" W a distance of 130 feet to a point. Thense N88" 20" 00" W a distance of 135.00 feet to a point. Thense N 01" 40' 00" E a distance of 130 feet to a point. Thence N 88" 20' 00" E a distance of 135 feet to the point of beginning. Land being located in the norteast eare of Parcel I, as set forth on the above-mentioned subdivision."

    Also noted is a paragraph that included this statement:

    BEING part of the same property which Right Reverned Regis Canevin, by his deed dated March 14, 1910... granted and conveyed to North Side Catholic Cemetery. And also being part of the same property which Rosemont, Mount Hope and Evergreen United Cemeteries, by deed dated December 14, 1917, ... conveyed to the North Side Cemetery. By Aarticles of Consolidation, recorded December 29, 1952... NOrth Side Catholic Cemetery and other corporations were cosolidated into the Catholic Cemeteries Association of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. See also the Contract and Agreement by and between United States Investment Co., Ltd. and Rosemont, Mount Hope and Everreen United Cemeteries, dated April 20, 1905, and recorded May 12, 1905 ... and also the Contract by and between United States Investment Company, Ltd and to Watch Tower Bible Society, dated January 10, 1916, and recorded December 13, 1917. And also the Indenture from Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society to North Side Catholic Cemetery, dated December 13, 1917, and recorded January 18, 1918.

    On the Masonic property survey was a small rectangular area clear on the other side of the Mason's Lodge from Russell's gravesite that has been deemed "not to be included in the assessment" Hmmm.... 130x135 feet? Looked like it could easily be those dimensions...


    This was a little trickier. We went back as far as 1921 before I became saturated.

    At one time, the cemetery was two parcels and still is (sort of - the Lot and Block Numbers are 217-H-10 (01) and 217-H-10 (02)) and was owned by John Schweiger.

    Upon his death, his executrix, Mary Schweiger released both parcels. One appears to be a normal sale from John Schweiger's estate to Rosemont, Mount Hope and Evergreen United Cemeteries for $18,000 on July 30, 1919. This parcel appears to have been acquired from Catherine A. Lebauda, by deed dated August 1909. The second parcel is different. One paragraph reads,

    "THAT, whereas, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society... by Indenture dated March 12, 1918, ...did grant and convey unto the said John Schweiger all the residue of a certain tract of land, situate in the said Township of Ross, containing 12 acres, more or less and excepting and reserving therefrom and thereout the following lots or tracts of land... designated as burial lots for the members of the said Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society; ..."

    then further down the page...

    "Excepting and reserving therefrom and thereout a tract containing 77.41 acres, conveyed by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society to the North Side Catholic Cemetery by deed dated December 13, 1917... The remaining portion of said tract and the lands hereby conveyed, contain 12 acres, more or less.

    SUBJECT however, to all of the exceptions, reservations and restrictions as set forth in deed from the Watch Tower bible and Tract Society to the said John Schweiger, dated March 12, 1918...""

    HUGE SIGH....

    I'm tired of typing.

    I really wish I knew how to post jpg images on my iMac. You guys could analyze it yourselves.... If anyone knows how, send me a message!

  • NeverKnew

    Guess I should mention I live in Pittsburgh, work two buildings away from the Recorder of Deeds Office, live 10 minutes away from Russell's Dad's clothier and 20 minutes from the gravesite.

    For the Pgh lurkers who may figure out who I am... the truth IS the truth. I'm sorry.

  • Kojack57

    It never ceases to amaze me how corrupt, dishonest, and down right hypocritical the WB&TS has been. Thank God for the Internet and people like Neverknew who share their research.


  • clarity

    Never Knew..... wow interesting place to live!

    I really appreciate all your efforts, time & typing ..NK.

    I remember being so intreged by all this 'stuff', I stayed up

    till early morning pouring over it. I never knew about Beth Sarim

    or Beth Shan, Russell, shares in the business, his wife...none of it!

    Hope you keep finding more info about those shisters!


  • EndofMysteries

    Thank you so much for your research into this!

  • mizpah2

    Historic Pittsburgh maps collection - plate 14; 01/01/1940; G.M. Hopkins Company Maps :

    Image ci-dessous : montage - Plan de 1940 (G.M. Hopkins company) + vue aƩrienne du site

  • EdenOne

    NeverKnew, pardon my ignorance, but I don't get the point with your post.

    Would you be so kind as to explain what it means exactly ?


  • NeverKnew

    Means that there is a plot of land TOTALLY AWAY from where the pyramid and gravesite is that is still owned by the WBTS. This plot is clear on the other side of the Masonic Building.

    The land that everything (Mason land, grave, pyramid) sits upon was once owned by the Catholic Diocese.

    Where is your confusion?


    Sorry, I am not getting it.. Go really slow for me and explain what happened and why it is relevant.

  • NeverKnew

    I will get the pictorial representation from the Recorders Office tomorrow if I can get time.

    Much more fun to see than to read.

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