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  • wannabefree

    ***g7/09p.29 Is It Wrong to Change Your Religion?***

    "No one should be forced to worship in a way that he finds unacceptable or be made to choose between his beliefs and his family."

    Ironically, the religion and publisher of this statement is one of the biggest offenders with their shunning policy of its members who come to the conclusion that their form of worship is unacceptable.

    For some, this severe shunning is too much to bear. me through this my old friends...i really did not want to be dfd!...i am fourth generation....i had already been shunned by my lifelong friends due to my outspoken words regarding my discovering we had changed the bible to make it say what JW'S want it to...but now i have lost my family....oomps
    ....something is horribly wrong for WT and FDS not to be able to see the pain this jwd group has experienced due to their rules and regs (not what the bible mandates), and is causing families so much grief.....there is no way in the world a loving god would want families to experience this much pain!....and even urge families to not speak to one another!....geeze...that is just..........sorry, no word for it .......oompa
    ...they say the shunning they do is out of try and get us back in...even if they know we just simply dont believe long as we go sit in their building enough...we are back in...and then we are hypocrites...they hold our family and old friends hostage...and the ransom is us going back in the building....stoopid and sick......oompa
    where is the wt quote about nobody should have to choose between family and a religion? sorry i have read it several times here including this past week and can not find it...i have tried to block out my parents in my mind and heart to no contact for at least six months and i am thinking about sending them an email and including this quote....doubt it will help but i feel the need to do least let them know i am not ok with this total shunning shit....holding my family and friends hostage does not make me want to "restore my relstionship with jehovah"!!!!!....nor go back to that makes me bitter is ya....i need to let go of that....but this religion just keeps taking and taking and taking more of what was my life away..................oompa
    still not used to my parents totally shunning me... thats all....its so hard...nobody should have to lose their parents twice............oompa
    i know i am not alone in how much some of us have lost....and so much loss and pain...that i even thought of a last dich effort to save my marriage by going back to the...kindom hall
    i am increasingly challanged and am having serious thoughts about going back for some stability i need in my life....but part of me thinks i would die inside...i may be at a crossroads

    Rest in peace Eric aka Oompa

  • Scott77

    Watchtower shunning is unchristian, horrific, tragic and very destructive. It has to stop.


  • whathappened

    It is time we as individuals decide we should do all we can to educate the public about this dangerous cult. We must use every opportunity to engage people in meaningful dialogue, doing so to reach their hearts and minds, lovingly, so as not to scare people away from the warning we are givIng.

    I am making it a personal goal to tell everyone I meet the truth about jehovahs witnesses. When I see the magazines left in laundramats or waiting rooms I will personally destroy them.

    We can each make a difference. We must stop this crazy cult as best we can.

    Love to all mourning the loss of our dear OOMPA.

  • somebody

    On top of my tears, I'm speechless, wannabefree.

    peace to you,


  • VIII

    I just logged on and read the thread on oompa. I am so sad.

    I do take every opportunity to yell people about the Jdubs shunning, in context. They are always shocked.

    RIP Oompa.

  • wasblind

    Oompa's story will be forever told though the archives of this site

    a true testament of the fruitage produced by the WTS

    Oompa lives on through this site, he cannot be swept under a rug

    and hidden. This site and others like it continue to expose the dangers

    of this cult

    Thanks for this site Simon

  • clarity

    Other than here I never knew Eric, but reading Oompa's posts,

    was always with some apprehensive concern.

    In the back of my mind, I'd think ....geez is he going to make it.


    Strangely enough ... even tho he was 4th generation JW, & surrounded by

    people who knew him so well ... not one of them had enough love to come to

    his rescue. At least not successfully!

    I wonder why that is .....doesn't the only TRUTH have any power?????????

    Or is it like Mathew writes "having a religion, but proving false to it's power!"

    The things this man called out for, were normal,... support of his wife, children

    and his 'brothers'. Pretty much.

    What did he do that was soo bad that a handful of common men in Brooklyn

    could take it all away. Really! What could be so bad? He yelled at them?

    Was that it? Or was it that a lifegiving fluid entered his blood stream? Was that it?

    His life was evidently saved after his awful accident ... did that piss them off?

    Oh Eric how we all wish you hadn't let them win


  • frankiespeakin

    Sometimes emotional pain can be very great and it seems that our world as we, used to love and know it will never be the same, and we fall deep into the pits of despair. Nobody should be considered weak if they see no other alternative to end the pain than ending one's own life. So I make no judgements for I don't know but can only guess about how it feels to be in those shoes based on my own view of the world which basically is a projection.

    It's a choice that is all, no one is right and no one is wrong in this choice, because it is personal.

    But that being said, the Governing Body is still guilty of hanging on to a delusion and causing a mass loss of life among it's members, both among those that no longer believe and those that still beleive in the Governing Body inspired and emphasized delusion of an appointment in 1914 to be spokeman for the Most high Creator of the universe to the world with eternal damnation for those not responding or beleiving properly.

    Thier means of enforcing this delusion consist of immediately disfellowshipping those who raise doubts and a never ending indoctrination of unsuspecting member. Surely that makes them very culpable and guilty, even if they are victims themselves of thier own delusion.

  • perfect1

    His picture has hit me rather hard. I am just another person in the internets, but anyone who feels like Eric did can PM me anytime and I will try to help or listen. Dont do this! This is a terrible tragedy. I never knew what to post in his threads, but I wish I had. Maybe it would have helped.

  • loosie

    god I hate the Wt society all over again. why do they do this people? I'd rather have 1 Oompa back then 100 GB members.

    It's stragne how you can cry for someone you've never met. Bye Oompa.

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