Christianity Today / JW Child Abuse Issue

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  • Amazing

    Christianity Today magazine, with a large circulation in North America deals with many issues, including reporting on legal events facing various Christian based religions.

    In the March 5, 2001 issue the reporter discusses this topic, quoting Bill Bowen. In the same issue of the magazine, they also discussed the Watchtower Society reorganization that took place in October 2000. It is not too long.

    Here it is:

  • Dutchie

    Thanks for sharing that. Good read!

  • Gopher


    A blast from the past! Even though the article is 1 year old, the issues are still current. It's a good primer for those who are wondering "what the fuss is all about".

    -J.R., member, UADNA-MN
    (Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America - Minnesota division)

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  • alamb

    I like this link. Good lookin' kids, huh? ;o)

  • Yadira Angelini
    Yadira Angelini

    Hi Amazing, I just post a new threat sharing with you about my annulment experience, just for you to know. May you continue to share your posts and hurry up with your book.



  • Amazing

    Que' pasa Yadira! Thanks. And just a minor thought ... you keep spelling 'Thread' as 'Threats' ... and thought you might want to make a little adjustment there ... ... adios amigos ... of should I say buenos dios or buenas dias

  • bluesapphire

    Amazing, thanks for sharing that with my mom. I kept meaning to tell her but kept on forgetting.

    She writes with her cute little accent. If you knew her, you would love her. She is so cute.

  • Yadira Angelini
    Yadira Angelini

    Amazing LOL, threats or treats and trick or treat, whatever, thanks for the correction. Hummm "thread". Keep on practicing your Spanish, your book may be translated.

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