Disfellowshipping vs Excommunicating

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  • anglise

    We all know that the Catholic church practises excommunicating, but what is the difference between that and Df as used by the dubs.

    I know that an EXC cannot partake of communion/sacrament, but what else is involved?

  • seedy3

    Hi anglise,
    I live on an ialand that is about 90% catholic many are excommunicated, but none are shunned, that in it's self is the biggest differece. Plus they do not tell you that the only friends you should have need to be JW...... oops Catholic, they also do not tell their Parishners, that those that are Ex'd are apostates, or ones to be avoided. The Ex'd are just limited in what they can do in the church, and it is left to God to decide the rest. Unlike the JW's in that if you are EX'd (DF'd) you are doomed, you are not to be associated with, you are dead!! Avoid those ones, they are discusting people, they will die by the hands of the Almighty God Jehovah. Does that answer your Q?


  • ozziepost


    You've about covered it! In mainstream Christian churches, nothing much else is in operation. The Witnesses, on the other hand, apply the Old Testament basis of shunning i.e. stoning to death, so there is a cutting off of the individual who has sinned.

    Which one is Christlike? You choose!!!


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  • anglise

    Thankyou for your replies.
    So based on those answers anyone coming into the org thinking that df and exc are the same would be way off the mark.
    I wonder how many that could apply to.

  • Englishman

    Seedy 3,

    What are you doing with my dancing ladies on your post?

    They were a present from Ginny Tosken, give 'em back!


  • TheStar


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