Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower SUICIDE . How many JW suicides can you recall?

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  • Anti-Cult

    How many JW suicides can you recall?

    Is it more common than the rest of society?

    I personally know of 5

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I personally know of two, they were both married and had fathers who were elders.


  • hoser

    2 but many more attempted and not successful

  • zeb

    I heard of one BUT, there is a lot who abuse alcohol.

  • aposta-Z

    2 confirmed. But there could have been more.

  • finallysomepride

    Five I know of, 1 I knew personally.

  • cobaltcupcake

    One is too many.

    The Odd Life of Jehovah's Witnesses

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    I have known 3. One was like a father to me as mine was not around. I was 13 at the time. Then another was a friend I grew up with but lost contact with when I moved congregations. That one was when I was 18. And the most recent was a woman whos husband was recently DF’d for cheating on her. She decided to forgive him but the embarrassment of his decision led her to end it. This was about 3 years ago. I had heard she was getting more and more depressed waiting for him to be reinstated.

  • wannaexit

    two for sure

  • nancy drew
  • Finkelstein

    6 , 3 were young teens, one hung boy hung himself in a garage behind a Kingdom Hall.

    In the WTS. commercial endeavors to proliferate their literature in proclaiming Armageddon is coming soon ( you will be judged )

    Unfortunately to some weak mind people this has set up a pressing amount of anxiety and depression, culminating to some to take their own life.

    Does the WTS. acknowledge this or care ?

    Are they empathic to what they put into their pieces of litature and that some might overtly create a paramount of depression ?

    Of course not they are not educated in human psychology or human sociology, similar in kind to the ancient Hebrew seers (priests) 3000 years ago !!!!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    3 (2 family members + 1 friend) and 1 around the time I was DFed. Plus I was seriously planning my suicide

    Considering that in my work for 15 years I worked with hisk risk population of abuse survivors and did not have 1 attempt it says a lot that I knew many JWs.

    The last meetup meeting we had there were 5 people. Only 1 was never a JW but all of us who were JWs had thought about it or tried.

  • Kojack57

    Anticult: I personally know of (2) suicides.


  • arwen

    I know of 2.. an older lady who hung herself and a young man who jumped off a bridge..

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    4 right off the top of my head. Thinking about it just now I realized they were all kids of acting elders at the time.

    One hung himself off a bridge during morning traffic, so many saw him die. Another one raced his motorcycle in front for a lady driving a minivan, he had been DF'ed at the time and his step mom had told him to never call them again unless he wanted to come back to Jehovah, and the last elders son I do not know how he killed himself but my husband and I were invited to the parents house for dinner after a talk and though their son had been dead for over two years the elder dad broke down crying while we were there, it was horribly sad.

    The girl who killed herself had been sexually abused by someone in the hall and it had been swept under the rug. No two wittiness's to the crime and the girl was told just to forget about it and move on, she OD"ed on sleeping pills when she was in her early 20's. The aunt was upset at the girl for killing herself saying that the pedophile said he was sorry what else could he have done. He is still in good standing in the hall.

    I am sure there are others but not popping into my head as quick as these. All of them were under the age of 30.


    As a side not I was horribly depressed when I was pioneering and thought about suicide a lot while out in service. We lived in the country and drove a ton just aimlesslyhardly ever talking to anyone. I used to wonder if I slit my wrists while I was sitting in the back seat of my own car as sisters were not allowed to sit in the front if there were brothers in the car group they always had the front seat where I lived. Anyway I digress, I used to wonder if anyone would notice or care for that matter if I bleed out including my husband. I still think they would have been happy to have me die.

    Looking back I was horribly depressed and hate being alive, yet I was doing the most important work there is trying to drag others in to this cult, save lives.

  • hoser

    Lits: I am very glad you shared that experience. My years of pioneering were too the most depressing of my life. Now I realize I am not the only one.


  • Princess Ashe
    Princess Ashe

    I was also depressed while pioneering. All the time I kept thinking the phrase we are to be the " happy people" right.

    I thought of ways to kill myself. played with knives drank. glad I never went thru with it. wish I could get back to my youthful years that I wasted being depressed. I guess it does help now that I never ever want to waste years being depressed. life is to short.

    I remember seeing a few people over the years either crying at meetings assemblys or even before service.

    I have heard of 2 people both had been out for awhile, older men that had grown up in the truth. I did not know them personally.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
  • fakesmile

    2 for sure. the interesting thing is that a jw tries to go out like judas b/c that is what they think of themselves... unworthy. hanging is pretty common but gruesome. the most agonizing way out is the most common?????????? kids mostly. very sad.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    One elders son hung himself. His parents acted after his death as though they never even had a son.

    &&&& was bi-polar. After several failed attempts, she drove her car off of a cliff. Left a husband and 2 little kids.

    @@@ was 40ish, single, depressed, pioneering, dead end job. Was a MS. Rifle.

    %%% was an elder with 4 little kids. He hung himself while under doctors care.

    %%%'s wife couldn't handle life without him. Six months later, she had her children go to the Hall with their aunt. While they were there, she stuffed the muffler of the car, turned on the engine in the garage. They came home and found her dead.

    Said aunt, a couple years later, has affair with her MS husbands best friend. Her husband can't handle it. Drowns himself. Best friend gets divorced and marries, now, free girl friend.

    XZXZXZ with young children suffers from depression. Elder husband buys and brings home, new gun. She tells him not to keep it in the house. He leaves it in house, goes to KHall, comes home, finds wife has shot herself. Remarries within the year.

    $$$ was bi-polar. Was df'd. Kept driving her car, until there was no more road left. Lived on an island. Police said she never even touched the brakes.

    Older bro had cancer. Never took his pain medication, until he had enough to kill himself.

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