Help prevent sons indoctrination.

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  • Crazyguy
    I wouldn't tell my kid to go ask grandpa, your just putting the ball in your dad's court allowing him to indoctrinated your child. You need to figure out ways of telling your son the truth, maybe keep it simple and just say it's just a made up story. I'm getting more aggressive about the Bible, told my 12 old about some of the prophecies that did not come true. Theres a point where you have the draw the line for your child's future.
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    I haven't any children so I really don't know what you should do...but...

    Please don't allow your child's head to be filled with cult crap. It's hard enough on an adult. I was a grown up when I was indoctrinated.

  • Daniel1555

    You used some smart and thought provoking questions. Continue to further critical thinking with your kid.

    I am in a similar situation. However I told my parents how I feel about JW doctrines. I am also afraid to break my parents heart, but I think it is more important that they know my true feelings. They are sad when they think that I left, but they understand why now. We still have a very loving relationship.

    When you want the indoctrination or bible study to stop,;you should really open up to your parents.

    You will not stop all indoctrination as they will continue to talk with your kid about jehovah. But maybe you can tell them that they must stop "bible study" with him as this is not at all in their authority to do.

    But don't be too strict, as you child is aware of all your actions. Most certainly further his desire to question everything.

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