What do you think makes them tick?

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  • jerome

    For months now I have been looking in to the jw religion.

    There is one question that just keeps bugging me.

    What allows a person the privilage of sleeping at night when they consistantly decieve 7.5 million people on a daily basis.

    I mean it is your job to lie to cencere innocent people.

    These people are just looking for God and you take advantage of it and turn them against other the entire world seemingly think not nothing of it.

    You live in comfort and security while your followers face the harsh 'world'.

    How can sombody do that for a living?

    How can somebody tell such bold face lies, condem others for doing something which they consider to be wrong while they continue to do it themselves?

    This is mind boggling. If I dident have the facts infront of me i could never had beleived that all fo this happened and is continuing to happen.

    They get people to go door to door in all kinds of weather and sell their magazines make them endure all types of sufering.

    Whatsmore they are happy doing it!

    When I read the article on the UN scandal showing who they actually supported the UN right below the noses of their followers for 10 whole years and nobody ever even noticed. My jaw literally dropped in awe, I just couldent believe it. How can some body be like that and go to sleep at night?

    Is it money?

    Is it power?

    Is that they think it is the way it should be?

    Does any have any aanwsers?


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  • Bang

    I've noticed they seem to have a certain smile, and it's like someone's taken over their bodies, like invasion of the body snatchers or something, and also, the males seem to develop that smile into a proud / scoffing sort of outlook - and then you know it's gone to far and they've become a devil.

    Freaky shit. How do they sleep ? I don't think it's them anymore.


  • SYN

    They sleep @ night because they believe that what they are doing is right. For example, I recently revealed all the stuff I'd learnt about the WTBTS on the Internet to my mother, and after she heard me out she agreed with everything I said (I mentioned the UN, blood, shunning etc etc, although we knew ALL about the shunning, believe you me!), and I told her that even though she and my father had effectively removed a large fraction of my development as a human being from my early life, I still loved her for doing it, because at the time she had thought it was the right thing to do for me when I was growing up.

    It's a complex issue, but for the most part, that pretty much covers it.

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