52 years J.W to new age medaconsciousness

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  • new boy
    new boy

    I had no intention to change my life, though I knew it wasn't the truth. My father said to me "I know its the truth but I can't live it" I told him " I know its not,the truth! but I can" {he was DFed in 1961} I wasn't ready to lose all my family & friends to live a differt life, besides I thought I had a pretty good life, why change it, a great wife, 2 amazing kids, lots of wonderful friends, a good job {many of my clients J.Ws} besides I thought maybe I could help some of them to see the world a little differently. Well it all came crashing down on july 30 when after 27 years of marriage my wife drove away never to return. I could have never left her------- so she found the courage to leave me!---- GOD I love that women-----It was the best thing that ever happen to me!!! Everone felt so bad for me "how could she do it? Keith was such a good husband & father". The "friends" proved to be not such good friends after all, they didn't know who's side to take, and as you all know J.W.s have to pick sides {whos good? whos bad?} so they just stayed away from both of us. Which was the best thing.------ I realized I was living a lie, I was trying to keep everone happy and in the end, no one was happy. These people were not my friends after all. They were afraid like me to love all people everywhere Well I lost 6 million "friends" only to gain 5,994,000,000 new friends!!! God is so powerful, do you think he can save only one person out of 1000 {6,000,000 j.w.s 6,000,000,000 worlds pop.} the j.w.s make god weak and vengeful. There is only one God and that God loves all of mankind!!! some of my new best freinds " Conversations with God" by Whalsh "Seat of the soul" by Gary Zukov "Dark night of the soul" Carolyn Myss

  • Seven

    Hi Newboy and welcome to the board. You share new best friends with several here. Click: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=4570&site=3


  • Introspection

    Hi Keith, you might enjoy a book called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I recommended it to one board member and after reading it he bought 10 copies. (evidently the local library had 60 holds on 4 copies there) Here is a link to some quotes I posted and the author's home page:



  • belbab

    Hi new boy, welcome here.

    I am the guy introspection mentionned in the post above. I have one of the books you mention by Zukov.

    I have five copies of the book Power of NOW left of the ten that I bought at wholesale prices. I have sent five to friends. If anyone is interested in reading one, I will sell it at cost or loan it to you for only shipping costs, and if you are really strapped, I will loan it for free and then you can pass it on to someone else.

    I have read hundreds of books since the WT cast me out thirty years ago. If you ever want to see what the coming spirituality is in the world, this book, the Power of Now, introduces it for you.

    This book has become a best seller, not through advertising or big book chains, but by word of mouth.

    Thanks introspection, for introducing it to me.


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    New boy just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed your stories and perspective on JW life. I hope many other will consider your experiences and take heart from them.

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