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  • FlierMate

    Since the meeting earlier this year, I have not returned to the Kingdom Hall anymore. Baptized in 2000; Disassociated in 2006. Once in a while, I met some of them at various places. Members did not speak to me; Elder did invite me to attend meeting again. From their perspectives, I am definitely not the same sort as theirs. What's my heart only Jehovah knows. I admitted that, though, I have a sick mind. What would the judgement be if I have splitted personality inside out and outside in?

    Any replies are mostly welcomed!

  • oldlightnewshite

    Hi FlierMate,

    I think you must realise that if your congregation are shunning you because of any problems with Schizophrenia, they are obviously not being led by God/Jehovah/a Creator. Most people's idea of god is love. The fact that they stay away from any contact with you shows you what is in their hearts, and it's not love!

    I really hope you manage to settle into your life without the JWs, and that you can cope with your illness. You will always find friends to talk to on here. Your English is very good!

    Love and Luck,


  • Heaven

    FlierMate I have to agree with OldLightNewShite.

    A question for you to think about... What are you actively doing to create a new life for yourself and bring positive, joyous things into it? What would some of these things be for you ?

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