Can Someone Explain "Operation Juicy Steak" Please?

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  • DarioKehl


    For the past few years, i've seen references on YouTube about "Operation Juicy Steak" but I've been unable to locate any vidoes or blogs where this is explained in any detail. Now, the VAA T-shits have the "Juicy Steak" date on them. November 5, 2017.

    What is supposed to happen on that date? Why then? Is there some special significance to it? The Youtube user LuciousVBoogeyman used to trumpet this thing like crazy (he may have even started it). Lately, I haven't seen much focus on it other than the date on all the T-shirts. LuciousVBoogeyman (Dustin is his real name, I believe) seems kinda nuts. He's funny. And I respect his military background, but the guy's vids are pretty hard to watch. I'm mostly concerned that this "operation" is going to lead to something unfortunate. There many mental and emotional vicitms with the JW and EXJW community who may go rogue with something like this and I'd hate to see some lone nutcase with an axe to grind do something illegal, crazy or violent against someone--no matter what evil they may be responsible for.

    Could we use that date to stage a mass exodus around the country or world like the Mormons did this past June? They assembled peacefully and declared their resignation from the LDS church publicly (and filled out the proper paperwork). I think that would be great to see doubting JWs do on a large scale. Who knows? Maybe by then, a lot more people will be frustrated by this system lasting 103 years since jc's invisible enthronement. And I'm certain we'll see a lot more "noo lite" come down from the top. Major doctrinal change is inevitable at this point. It must happen. My prediction: "The 144,000 selection process actually began in 1914, not Pentecost 33 CE so there's plenty of room for new partakers!" A change like that must happen if they want to keep people in. Whatever changes are made, by 2017, people are going to be fed up, IMHO.

    So, please explain what Juicy Steak is and can we make that an official exit date? I think if YouTube campaigns begin now, many people will have time to plan their exit strategies. What say you?

  • Iamallcool

    He is obviously nuts.

  • jamiebowers

    The way it was explained to me is that it was a tongue in cheek proposition. Because the jws are so eager for both Armageddon and persecution, the whole concept was set up on YT to get the jws talking about and watching the videos.

    Here's a "recruitment" video done by JWN's own, Tuesday.

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