Arcadia Fla. congergation

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  • dogon

    Just moved back to Fla and used to go to the Arcadia congregation. Wanted to know if anyone goes there and who is there that I would remember. I used to know Phil and Carry Sutherland, the Beans, DaLaosas, I think I saw Marie Meeks in the Target in PC, Jack Arnold and Tim and Jane Schmidt. I think I found the Schmidt's in Sarasota, they were in the paper for buying a 1.7m dollar home and then selling in the crash for 680k. Wow thats gotta smart.

    Bill Treavor, Bruce Hearon, I bet I would not know many there. LOL. Not that I miss any JWs, it was not a good time for me, I had a friend come to visit and they treated her like she was a whore because she was abused by her husband and left him. LOL. They told me to kick her out into the street and distance myself from her and when I did not I was treated like a leaper.

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