The Ex-Mormons Did It! Why Can't We???

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  • DarioKehl

    This happened in June of 2012 and I just recently discovered this inspiring video. Of course, the majority of Mormons are more centrally located in and around Utah, but imagine if the doubting JWs who are still inside (myself included) had the chitzpah to pull off something like this!

    Another obstacle for us is the DF policy. When Mormons are excommunicated, the opposite happens: rather than shunning, their friends and family really crank up the love-bombing and "encouraging conversation" to a whole new level!

    But wouldn't it be nice? Maybe to see something like this occur in every state over the course of a designated month? If it could all be coordinated on a certain day, that would be epic! But how could something like this be organized? I see this "Operation Juicy Steak" all over YouTube...something about November 2017??? I'm still confused about what's supposed to happen on that day and part of me is concerned that some nutcase will do something violent or crazy. Could that date be commandeered and used as a mass exodus day instead? Due to the enormous emotional investiment and difficulty in planning the logistics to pull of something like the Mormons did, it would be smart to pick a day far in advance to give the lurkers and inside doubters plenty of time to learn about it and plan for it in advance. What say you? Could a YouTube campaign be started? I dunno... this video really inspired me. It made my day. Please check it out...

  • DarioKehl
  • DarioKehl

    I can't make the damn thing clickable... I'm doing the process for creating a hyperlink and it's worked before. Is this forum no longer iMac friendly?

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  • Sheep2slaughter

    Marking to watch later. Watched the first few minutes and this is pretty cool.

  • blindnomore

    Wow, I can sympathize with them! I recently joined meet-up groups which most members are ex-Mormons. It will be interesting meeting them and hearing their experiences. Thank you for posting this.

  • ziddina

    Moshe - and a few others on this board - have been advocating this action for years....

    I wish it were practical to do so. Unfortunately, due to the 'shunning' issue, so many JWs are afraid of the fallout of taking such a step.

    Ironic, considering that the Mormons have an active 'shunning' program in place, too - just as virulent as the Watchtower Society's edicts.

    It would actually be most effective if people were to leave en masse - but in JW land, there's always the wifey, or the sister-in-law, or the son or fleshly brother or father, who stubbornly clings to the brainwashing.

  • sabastious
    I wish it were practical to do so. Unfortunately, due to the 'shunning' issue, so many JWs are afraid of the fallout of taking such a step.

    They would be less frightened if they had people they were doing it with. An organized mass exodus is a great idea. The conscious class would be the logical leaders of any such movement because they have special access.


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