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  • LittleToe

    Uncertain Seas

    As this boat carries me from that old, distant shore
    And mist starts to wreath the horizon.
    I think to the past, all the things I have done,
    And grieve for the soul's of those left.

    A fishing boat passes, adrift to the port,
    On the starboard the Southern Isles beckon.
    It all seems so faint, yet my heart has a pang,
    For a history's passing, so pleasant.

    The boat starts to roll, the gentlest motion,
    And all is at peace in the world
    A seagull calls and examines the wake,
    The waves hypnotize me to awe.

    From this morose state a waking thought beckons
    Why should I rebel from it's teasing caress?
    "The sky is so blue, with cotton clouds passing;
    Return to the shore, undo all that's done!"

    The seventh wave strikes, a trough quickly follows,
    Breaks into the reverie, opens the trance.
    A glimpse of the future, unbidden, uncertain,
    An open expanse, like the sea, lies ahead.

    So should I pay heed to disquieting thoughts;
    Hark'n back to the land, with blissful dreams;
    Or strike to the unknown, hidden yet wary,
    Asking for nothing but a glimpse of truth.


  • LittleToe

    Hard Facts

    What can I do, when facing the facts?
    Enduring the evidence, so hard to bear?
    Seeing the truth, revealed for its worth,
    Can I just shut my eyes from it's sickening glare?

    When my world's upside-down, the facts seem so wrong,
    My previous perception akilter;
    Should I fall asleep, fall into deep slumber,
    Believe all that's gone with a huge rosey filter?

    A lifetime of work, of honour, achievement
    Falling to dust before my very eyes.
    All I held dear, an empty deception,
    Smelling of shite and covered in flies.

    The answer is there, but how to attain it,
    Hurting with pain, that never recedes.
    Injured at depths beyond comprehension,
    Wiping the tears, grief's anger does feed.

    How do I receive this chilling rejection,
    Doing what's right, my conscience appease?
    Patience abounds on the right side of passage
    But patience is scarce in tumultuous seas.


  • Prisca


    Absolutely beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  • Xena

    LT did you see this thread?


    You should get with thinker to post your poems where more ExJw's can see them and benefit from them!!!!!

    Course that is just my opinion

    And grieve for the soul's of those left.
    ...you have a way of touching the soul, don't you?
  • alamb

    LT and Amazing:

    Excellent stuff. Makes me want to start a scrapbook........I think I will, the walls around my computer are getting full and this stuff is too good to lose.


  • LittleToe

    These last two were the result of a recent boat trip.
    To say that it gave me time to think, would be an understatement.

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Thanks Xena, I'll check that link.

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