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  • SoulJah

    So if you were married before you found the "truth" in one of "christndoms" churches [a.k.a.satans orginazation] why is it that this marrige is still acceptable to the cong.? or why do they not see it fit to retake your vows before the only true God?
    Just a thought.
    sorry about the run-on question

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  • Ranchette

    Because the marriage is legally binding according to the law of the land even though they were married in a church.
    JWs claim to be in subjection to the superior authorities.


  • TR

    It's another one of those legalistic outlooks of the WTS. Your marriage was OK by law, so it's good enough, I guess. It does seem odd, though. It doesn't count when you were BAPTISED in a different church. More doublespeak and hipocracy.


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  • openminded

    Another thing too: the one wife stipulation in the Bible was only for overseers so if you live in a country where poligamy is legal I think technically you could still be a JW. You just couldnt hold a "position" in the cong. om

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