Flee from "Old Light"!

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  • smmcroberts

    Some Witnesses fail to realize that "Old light" is far more dangerous than any apostate writing. I saw evidence of this when I reviewed "Rutherford's Rainbow" on Amazon.com and mentioned that Witnesses were discouraged from reading the old literature. Many Witnesses responded that I was lying as they'd never been told this, and in fact had old literature on their shelves (which Witnesses evidently equate with having read a book [e.g., see here where a Witness justifies her ability to review The Finished Mystery without ever having read it by saying "I have it on my CD".])

    While all apostate writing [and evidently Amazon reviews] can readily be dismissed as "lies of Satan", the old WT literature must be considered truth (at least "truth for its time"). Since the WT has stated that they have never changed a doctrine, but have merely "tacked" ever closer to the truth like skillful sailors, one is forced to somehow reconcile the old literature with the new, and that's when absurdities spring up. It is in coming to terms with these absurdities that the inexperienced are liable to stumble (as I did: stumbling right out of the false.)

    As a public service, I have issued my warning to all Witnesses in my latest blog: "Flee from Old Light!" replete with examples of how one can get into trouble by failing to heed this advice. Be sure to read it before it's too late for you! Or if it's already too late for you (as it is for me, brothers and sisters) be sure to pass the link along to any Witnesses that you know. (BTW, and most importantly: It's sure to make you smile, if not LOL).

  • sseveninches

    This is so true. It's exactly what got me in "trouble" - for example I couldn't figure out how the WT could use Matthew 24:36 as a basis to single out 1975 as a special year, and then afterwards use the same verse to say that it's impossible to know when, and then guilt the r&f who believed the WT-induced 1975 hype.

  • smmcroberts

    “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows".

    I think I can reconcile that one for you, sseveninches: The GB is so damn humble [they call themselves a "slave", after all] that they consider themselves "nobody".

  • whathappened

    Nice link. Gave me a smile.

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