Who appointed the current GB? seems all of them are 1999 and over...

by EndofMysteries 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • EndofMysteries

    Maybe 1 was in the early 90's, but when I looked up things, seems like 3 were appointed in 1999, and the rest in like 2002, 2005, etc. Since all of them are so new, it makes me wonder if they are the ones pulling the strings or are they now more representative and somebody else is pulling the strings?

  • Diest

    They were appointed by the old GB...they are just all dead now. you are looking at GB 2.0 I think ole Teddy Jaracz was the last one from the 70s to kick it.


  • Phizzy

    Another interesting thought is Cedars question about where did they get their authority from ? I think it is on his JWSurvey site as well as a thread on here, well worth a read, a good question to throw at JDubs.

    It is my view that the GB are simply puppets and behind them are an invisible group, probably quite small in number, who actually pull the strings, who dictate doctrine change and the timing thereof, and what is written in WT publications.

    The GB themselves are probably under the impression that they are in control, and that this group of Legal minded chaps just advise them, the truth is that thr GB are not in control, and any member is expendable, or all of them if they stepped out of line.

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