Poker is ruled a game of skill - not chance

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  • Glander

    So it is not straight gambling. It can be compared to golf buddies betting on the game.

    This will have implications for Internet games.

    If this is the case, why not intenet video games , like car racing, sports, shoot-outs...etc. but with real betting?

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Glander, playing cards is not gambling. If you play the game for cookies- no one cares.

    It's the wagering of money represented by chips.

    I guess if you play with chocolate chip cookies it wouldn't be considered gambling.

    If I played with chocolate chip cookies- it would, however, be a gamble! I likes me cookies!!!

  • maisha

    Join me, I play at Poker stars . com


  • talesin

    maisha,, I have been thinking of trying Poker Stars.

    Is it free to start? And do they give you much of a stake?

    (I don't gamble, not even lottery tickets, but LOVE LOVE LOVE to play poker of any kind.)


  • yourmomma

    i used to make a part time living playing poker online, then the goverment banned it and tried to shut down the major sites. now with this ruling hopefully i will be able to play again some day. quite a country we live in, i can go out and buy an AK-47, 6,000 rounds of ammo, cases of 40oz beers, but cant play a game of skill and smoke a joint.

    yeah, that makes sense. lol

  • maisha

    Free play money with 1000 recharge every hour.

    No pressure to spend money and you can enter paly money tourments.

    I been there for few years now.

    but if you drop some coin into them you do seem to get unusual cards dealt.

    But by same token micro plays are fun and small budget, i can play with micro for months $10 is all ya need.

    But what id do use it for is honing my skills for playing real money at the casinos here in africa.

    I know i gonna loose in poker stars, it is the way it is. but it gives you great training.

    then when you play the real thing in the casino, and you play tight, i never seem to loose.

    remember play small, walk away, stick to a budget you can afford.


  • talesin

    Thanks, maisha. I have amassed a small fortune playing some free poker online (not that it's worth anything!).

    I might just skip on over to Poker Stars. It won't help me at the casino, though, because I don't gamble (personal choice, and I have no problem with anyone else gambling).


  • hoser

    Does this mean that I can play for real money and not get disfellowshipped?


  • DeWandelaar

    I play poker at a lot of rooms (including PokerStars) and for real dollars... not play money :P

    You can be disfellowshipped because of it (although they seem less harsh about it)...

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