New WT Video being filmed at DC

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  • respectful_observer

    There was a full Bethel video production crew at the DC held in Amherst, MA this past weekend. Large set lighting was set up inside the main entrance and the video crew spent much of the day roaming the arena doing shots of the crowd, singing, talks, etc. There were several staged scenes—“friends” associating outside together, a sister dropping a contribution in the box, and a few others. They even made announcements during the sessions to not look directly into the camera, otherwise they wouldn't be able to use that shot.

    I was also told the crew was on-site that Thursday all day as well, using quite a few members of the local congregations for other scenes. Of course no one who participated was allowed to say anything about it, even though they were openly filming in front of thousands of people.

  • Gayle

    a sister dropping a contribution in the box

    didn't film the ATM machine?

  • ronwashington

    any shots of people barely staying awake?

  • steve2

    a sister dropping a contribution in the box

    Is it true that the photo was subsequently air-brushed to hide the string she had attached to the $10.00 bill?

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