Were You Blessed With An 'Immunity Stick'?

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    Howdy fellas and fellaettes.

    Wha Happened brought the 'Immunity Stick' to my attention in one of his posts (about Prince). He [Wha Happened] was handed the 'Immunity Stick' (IS) after he married the Presiding Overseers daughter.

    For those of you that are unfamiliar with the IS, it's a metaphor for being 'protected whilst in the fold'. For instance, Brother Prince has been given the IS and has firmly placed it where the sun doesn't shine. He is allowed to get away with all sorts due to his IS. I doubt he'll ever be taken into the back room for wearing makeup, having a beard, having multiple ear piercings, etc.

    The same goes for a few friends of mine that I grew up with in London, England. Anyway, the point of this post is to hear your stories. I'll be using the best examples in my upcoming JWB post.

    I now live in Cyprus and due to the island being small, you can really see the ISM ('Immunity Stick Movement'. For instance, there is a certain Elders daughter that has done the rounds with a lot of brothers, both here and while she was studying in the USA (cough Chara). She's never been disfellowshipped or ever been put in front of a Judicial Committee. Why? Because of her fathers standing. There are a lot more that I will name and shame in the article, but I want to hear your stories too.

    You can change the names of the people involved. Heck, the Watchtower Society does it all the time.

    Looking forward to hearing your 'Immunity Stick' stories.


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