Another "reaching out" guilt trip this weekend, apparently.

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  • freddo

    Yep , attended one of those about three years after resigning as an elder - along with two other "deleted" elders an aging MS and about six others that either can't hold down a job, can't get out of bed, or are depressed. Or clever.

    Basically it was you need to be averaging 8 to 10 hours minimum, be early for all the meetings and be "visible" in ministry.

    This is why my report was always put in at 5 to 7 hours - just enough to be allowed (gasp) to run a microphone - better than sitting still through an hour and a half of drone and moan - but not enough to read the watchtower.

    Really they had a hierarchy.

    Anyone could clean the hall (of course) even on restrictions.


    Irregular up to 4 hours nothing/zippo/nada - oh you could bring some oldie in your car to the hall especially if they stank of urine.

    5/6 hours - run a microphone, be an assistant to an assistant on the hall dept

    7 hours - read at the cong book err bible study - be an assistant on a department or (if you had enough fingers that worked) operate the sound equipment desk

    8 hours - read the watchtower! Yay! Stand in as an exemplary brother for an MS department because they never had enough. Often an ex elder who toed the line.

    9/10 hours - be considered for MS if you could get to all the meetings early and if you were visibly supporting your group in first call while the elder left after fifteen minutes to do calls.

    I don't know about now but they are pretty desperate - I'm sure some of the guys used are hardly regular.

  • sir82

    Yeah, these meetings occur from time to time in many congregations.

    Usually it's the "I'm so holy I shine" elder (every BOE has one) who gets a "bee in his bonnet" about guys not "reaching out".

    There is lots of semi-earnest posturing, lukewarm imploring to "do more!", and the whole thing is forgotten about before the month is up.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I've known of this same kind of meeting on two occasions.

    First time, I was and Elder and it was following the COs visit and we were told to reach out to ALL the non-appointed men in the Cong and encourage them to reach out for MS.

    Second time was after I resigned and had moved. Again following a CO visit the BOE invited all us dead-beats and the youth corp to a "Special Meeting" explaining how to "reach out for the office of overseer". I can think of one 65+ year old guy who did so. The hubby of a sister baptized a decade ago, who was recently converted.

    HQ is concerned about the lack of young up-n-comin' appointees. Around here, it's no long unusual to have Elders who are not yet even 30 years old and the only requirement for MS is to be able to "fog a mirror".


  • OneEyedJoe

    5/6 hours - run a microphone, be an assistant to an assistant on the hall dept


    I don't know about now but they are pretty desperate - I'm sure some of the guys used are hardly regular.

    Ahh, those were the days. The congregation that I was in from 6 to 18 years old this was the rule - 6 hours a month to touch a mic, 6 month rolling average.

    I haven't turned in more than 2 hours in a year, and they'd still try to stick me with the mic nowadays. They're clearly getting desperate. No one's even mentioned the possibility of removing me from mic duties because of low recruiting time. I do think I might be blacklisted now, though. What crime could be worse than turning in such a low monthly report? I've stopped shaving and instead use clippers that leave me with the look of roughly a day's growth. Apparently, in their world, allowing your god-given facial hair to be slightly visible is a much greater sin than being lax about recruiting (which they view as being blood-guilty because god might blindly kill someone if you don't warn them!)


    it's going to be another guilt trip to get all us dead-beat kids in our 20s and 30s to "reach out" to be Jr. cult leaders.


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  • stuckinarut2
    Exactly what Freddo said above!!!!
  • Balaamsass2

    real reason is to pass these out.pssst..only elders get them......

  • smiddy

    LOL , was that back in the 50`s ? Classic.


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