Thank God For Disfellowshipping!

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    I am still an active JW that has learned TTATT (still in for family reasons). Currently in the middle between Atheism and Theism (although slightly leaning more towards Atheism but I am open). Most of the Atheists here mean well like "cofty". Yes, they are frank but they just want you to arrive to conclusions through logic. Just keep doing your research to arrive to what is best for you. Whether you believe in God or become Atheist, it is up to you, as long as it's not impeding on the rights of others or advocating your way as something all should follow. I know some people can be a bit rude on here but don't let it stop you from seeking more knowledge. :) Hope to hear more from you.

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    Hi. Welcome to the site.
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    Folks, the God of the Bible, the True God, is totally opposite to the merciless, unforgiving, cruel, confused, its-my-way-or-Iose-your-family-&-friends God that was conjured up by the dark forces directing the JW org. The God of the Bible, the Living God is all loving, faithful and just, completely abounded in grace and mercy - He's a wonderful, caring God


    So what happens if I choose not to worship him? Does he torture me forever?

    Please keep your answer to 10 words or less.

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    I sometimes think there should be two sites, one for ex jw atheists and one for ex jw theists. But diversity is good. I just want you to keep your faith strong, faith is a precious thing and no one should take it from long as you are not too judgmental of others or preachy rude or arrogant (like another religious poster was a couple days ago). And atheists here can be very arrogant as well. They can not be preached to, and trying will be fruitless and just add to their detraction from faith. I am a Christian, and even I am repelled by too strong preachiness. But I agree with you in your sadness that so many ex witnesses choose atheism, but can understand why. And not only that they were presented with an angry God lacking in grace and mercy, but their lives were highly controlled and they want to be completely free to finally live and think on their own terms, without any credence to anyone but themselves, and not to live by faith but by proof. a part of me thinks very similarly, yet along the way I fell in love with Jesus and won't let go of that and he is the savior I needed and will always adore.

    Anyway, I did want to say welcome, and remember to not be too preachy here, it will have the opposite effect you intend, but it is nice to have another Christian around :).

    The Atheists on here mean well. They might not be super nice but I have met some jerk Theists too. It's all about balance. As long as they aren't arrogant or sarcastic, I am good. I am leaning more towards becoming an Atheist but won't snipe at my Theist brothers. :) Open to what you have to say as long as you are open too.


    Greetings. Just curious. What makes you so sure of your Christian faith? How can you prove Jesus is real to you?

    Again I ask this not in arrogance but in kindness.

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    My life was a mess when I decided to face all my conflicts with the religion I had grown up with and tried to make peace with. I started reading the new testament during meetings and conventions just to get through them. I feel that Jesus reached out to me through the scriptures to show me who he really was, and his father by extension. He wasn't anything like what I was hearing at the meetings, and this was still with their version of the bible. I felt his love for me despite my imperfections and sins and stupidity and vanity. I began praying to him, began to become close to him, and begged for direction for my life. I feel like every person I met, either in door to door work (yes, they were witnessing to ME), or other walks of life, were sent to deliver me to the happy place I am now. I am so thankful for this. That, and believing in the real historical Jesus, is the only proof I have. Others need more proof, and I hope they find it with time, but it is an individual experience.
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    Thank you all for your interesting comments. I'm sorry that some of you were offended by my recent preachy/Godly entry, but expressing my feelings about the God I love so dearly is what I do all day and every day, asking me to stop talking about Him is tantamount to asking me to stop breathing. So I kindly ask those of you who do not appreciate Godly comments to simply ignore my entries.

    Oh and could someone please inform me what the acronym TTATT stands for.


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    All together now....THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TRUTH!!!!!
  • truthseeker100
    Nicola TTATT means the truth about the truth.

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