Russell identifies four classes

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    From The Finished Mystery (1918) p.134:

    In the second chapter of Genesis the stream which went forth from the Garden of Eden was divided Into four parts.This is a Scriptural recognition of the fact that from Adam, the original fountain of life, will flow four streams:

    The Little Flock, who are to sit down with Christ In His Throne;

    the Great Company, who are to stand before the Throne, having the palms of martyrdom but without the crowns of glory;

    the Ancient Worthies, the Jewish fathers, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Daniel, etc., who are to be made princes in all the earth;

    and the world of mankind, who will constitute the subjects of the Kingdom over which the Ancient worthies will rule.

    The same lesson Is taught in the division of the Levltes into four camps, each located on a different side of the Tabernacle. (Num. 3:15; F128, 129.) It Is also taught In the Apostle's statement In 2 Tim. 2:20, that In God's great House there will ultimately be found four classes of vessels to His praise.


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