Bible Student Creationism at its best - how can anyone believe this?

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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I received the latest copy of the LHMM magazine (The Laymen's Home Missionary Movement, which is one of the Bible Student groups which shares a common Russellite origin with the JWs). I was simply amazed by their supposedly scientific article about the Deluge. At the end of the article it says you can request a full treatise on the subject. Here is a quotation:

    The Bible Standard, Sept-Oct 2012, p 72.

    Published by LHMM ( Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement)

    Article: ‘The Deluge Effect’, The first paragraph begins by saying “Scientific students are rapidly reaching the conclusion that we are fully justified in laughing at some scientists who have denied the Bible account of the Deluge. “ After some introductory statements the second paragraph contains some statements that I find astonishing,Here goes, “When we ask where such floods could come from, Astronomy answers us, pointing to Saturn and Jupiter with their ‘rings.’ Scientists declare that these rings consist of minerals and water thrown far off in a gaseous state when the planets were at white heat. They subsequently cooled and formed into various strata or rings. Because of their great distance from the planets their motions are different, and they are held in suspense by the same laws which hold the planets themselves in space. Nevertheless, the superior weight of the planets draws them nearer and nearer. The ring nearest the planet, and approaching it, is still held off by the ‘firmament’ of circumambient air. The rotation of the planets on their axes gives least resistance at the poles; and these rings, after spreading out as a great coverings, gradually thin at the center, or equator, and thicken at the poles, until the wight at the poles becomes so great as to overcome the power or the strength of the firmament, and then breaking through from both poles, causes great torrents.”

    I know that the WT used to teach stuff like this, but that was 30-40 years ago. It's amazing that anyone could have ever believed such nonsense.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    It sounds credible to anyone who doesn't really understand much about science, and that's all the author has got to do: tell people things that makes them feel better about believing what they want to believe...

  • blond-moment

    Seems like creationists claims are getting downright desparate. Some of them make me actually laugh out loud.

  • snare&racket

    If you are willing to accept anything you are told, then you are a danger to yourself and the family you drag with you.

    The best thing you can teach your child, is how to question and appraise. This skill reduces such nonsense as the

    above to mere bull poop.

    I used to get angry at this kind of crap, now it just bugs me that people will accept anything without question.

    Hence higher education is a safety net. Send your kids to College and University people !!!

    Snare x

  • VM44

    You might find this interesting to read:

    The Demise and Fall of the Water Vapor Canopy: A Fallen Creationist Idea
    by Glenn R. Morton

    Another good article on the subject is this:

    WHENCE THE FLOOD WATERS, The Flood and the Water Canopy Theory

  • Prognoser

    A Critique of Newtonian Physics

    Newtonian Physics theory is based on the late 17th century notion that the Universe is made up of solid objects which are attracted towards each other by a force called 'Gravity'. This theory was extended in the 19th century to include atoms as being the fundamental building blocks of nature. Newton's Laws of Motion (Newtonian Mechanics) successfully described the motions of planets, mechanical machines and fluids and this success gave rise to the notion that the laws of Newtonian Physics were basic laws of nature and as such were immutable. (i.e. fixed) According to Newtonian Physics, the universe is a huge mechanical system of solid objects based on absolute (fixed) time and three (3) dimensional space (i.e. height, length and width) and as such is linear. (uniform)

    Newtonian physics (although interestingly enough, not Newton himself) maintained that everything in existence could be described "objectively" because all phenomena were strictly a result of the physical interactions of all its physical parts. (this includes chemistry) In over words, the universe was considered strictly deterministic and causal in nature. Newtonian Physics was formulated prior to the discovery of Electricity and Field Theory 1 (i.e. the theory pertaining to Energy/Matter interactions) or Nuclear Physics as postulated by Einstein in 1905 associated with his Special Theory of Relativity. 2 As such, Newtonian Physics cannot describe either the phenomena of electricity or nuclear reactions or the recent concepts of Quantum Mechanics 3 that in essence the physical universe is just a myriad of "tendencies to exist" associated with a vast interconnected energy field.

    The concept of an infinite, multi-dimensional, interconnected Universe in which experimenters affect the results of their experiments by their mere presence (i.e. the observer effect) 4 is simply beyond the paradigm of Newtonian Physics.

    Despite the fundamental flaws in the theory, the Newtonian view of the universe is embraced by most humans today as 'fact' simply because it describes most day-to-day physical phenomena so well and is based upon the notion of a fixed 'solid' Universe, something that most humans find very comforting. This has led most people to subconsciously view their world, including their physical bodies, as solid mechanical objects and that all phenomena, including human consciousness, are the direct result of the interactions of the so-called separate 'mechanical' parts comprising them.

    As a result of their day to day experiences, most humans interpret reality in terms of Newtonian three (3) dimensional space and linear time, in which everything is perceived as being separate from everything else. As such they are always looking out from themselves for their experiences in life, including solace and comfort, and in the process lose sight of the deeper human experience that lies within , and the essential interconnectedness (ONENESS) and multi-dimensional, infinite nature of reality.

    In other words, most people today embrace an incomplete and simplistic view of reality because that is all they are aware of, or can relate to directly, much in the same way that human societies 500 years ago related to a flat earth, and anyone who had the temerity to suggest otherwise was invariably burnt at the stake.

    Based in part on Barbara Brennan's 'Hands of Light' (P21)


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