sisters wearing pants/trousers?

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  • twinkletoes

    My sister-in-law has recently gone back to the Org :-(

    She has been wearing trousers (pants to US members ) now she has been told to expect a shepherding call from one of the elders about her style of dress!

    Has anyone any good ideas or even scriptural comments that she could use.

    To me, wearing trousers is nowhere as serious as supporting the UN for nearly 10 years, not to mention all of the failed prophecies.

    She didn't believe me when I told her about the UN scandal, she thought that there must have been a good explanation.

    I feel very sorry for her as she is basically a very kind person, just very lonely and I think that's the reason she went back.



  • wallsofjericho
  • wallsofjericho

    no argument necessary. Either she stops wearing pants or she is rebellious.

    The WTS says sisters must wear skirts below the knee or dresses. Do it or be marked.


  • PrincessPeachz

    Even on the cusp of the knee gets you a marking talk... *sat in front row of congregation photo with said skirt that of course rose a couple of cm when I crossed my legs so that some knee was exposed*.

    Also, thrown into that talk was comment about showing cleavage, of which at the time I had none and, while wasn't sensitive about my flat chest, made my kind of want to burst into hysterical tears about them damaging my self esteem as a woman, to see what they would do. LOL.

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