Fear of the watchtower

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  • should have known better
    should have known better

    It has been close on three years since i faded, the good advice on here helped me not to make some huge blunders by blurting out what i was learning. However during that time i have approached five or six who no longer associate with the congregation, one who was disfellowshipped over 30 years ago. To a man the fear was palpable, to engage in any criticism of the watchtower, even sticking to factual evidence still these guys were very uncomfortable. I feel there are probably many reasons for this reaction but the main reason is FEAR. your thoughts please.

  • 00DAD

    It's an indoctrinated phobia. (See #8 under Emotional Control)

    It's just one of the many ways that cults BITE people to manipulate and control the minds of the unwary.

    • Fear is the mind-killer. - Frank Herbert, Dune
  • Gayle

    It has been done where a disfellowshipped (for adultery, smoking, etc) person turned in or reported to elders someone just disagreeing with the Watchtower. So beware!

    I have known of one living a terrible lifestyle to even non-JWs, still would boast he never 'spoke' against the organization, never did Christmas, and somehow would feel 'sanctified' somewhat in their mind. Go figure.

  • Scott77

    I have a JW friend whom I dated before while we were still in. We eventually broke up. She dated a worldly guy whom they lived together unmarried over 8 years. However,she never spoke against the organisation. When I introduced my former date to another friend of mine who has a different religious belief, my inactive JW friend told me she felt my non jw friend was preachy sort of. Then when emailed my former date, a JW friend about the Watchtower dirty history of lies, manipulation, coverup etc with proof of documents, she cut me off and ordered me never to speak to her again. Its so strange in the Watchtower world. The power of the cult continue to hold sway to many even as they loath the organisation. Its an irony.


  • Scully

    They are still JWs, the programming has not been undone. They are living a life that goes contrary to what they believe, perhaps feeling that they cannot live up to the "high standards" of Jehovah the WTS.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Many peopel who realize they just cannot live by the strict rules of the WTS (at least for now) in their lives, still think that it is the only true religion and spokesman for Almighty God. They will still defend it to the very end.


  • jam

    From my experience those are the most difficult to reach.

    The simple reason, most didn,t have a deep understanding

    of the JW,s doctrines. All they know, Matt. 24;14..

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