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  • konceptual99

    Ok, so this week the BH was from Ezekiel. The brother starts by talking about a prophecy of Egypt being laid desolate for 40 years. He then says there is no evidence in secular history that this happened. He then says that it must have occured - how do we know? Jehovah said it would happen and it's in the bible.

    He then goes on to say that this shows that everything Jehovah says comes true. He then says that we have to be bible students looking at the deep, deep things in the bible. He mentioned the "new light" from the WT last week - shame his "deep" bible study did not show up that the new light is in fact old light blinking back on again.

    I almost put my hand through my head.

  • stillin9
  • stillin9

    Sounds similar to our BH, the same old BS. Thankfully I wasn't giving it!

  • Jeffro
    The brother starts by talking about a prophecy of Egypt being laid desolate for 40 years.

    This spurious '40 years of desolation of Egypt' requires that the Pharaoh Amasis had a protracted 64-year reign, encompassing the entire 40-year period of supposed desolation, ignoring the much more logical and secularly accepted view that Amasis’ 44-year reign was peaceful and prosperous.

    It is entirely possible that the 'prophecy' attributed to Ezekiel is simply wrong. However, even if a person insists that the Bible 'must' be correct, the Bible also indicates that Babylon was chosen to execute judgement on Jerusalem (Jeremiah 25:1-12; Jeremiah 30:11), and was then punished for its treatment of the Jews (Jeremiah 25:38; 51:34-36). Therefore, either Babylon did exceed punishment “to the proper degree”, or the judgement against Babylon was unjust. It is therefore consistent that Nebuchadnezzar, or his progeny, was later denied as full a conquest of Egypt (Jeremiah 18:7-10). Further, the Bible does not even claim that Egypt actually was desolated for 40 years.

    I don't see any JWs jumping up and down about Jonah being a 'false prophet' either.

  • mP

    Its amazing how so many important eras in the Bible are always 40 years long, not a day or month longer or shorter. All these kings and things just went pop on the dot and yet Jehovah has not been seen for well ever.

    Talk about an obsession with numbers, i would of course call that numerology but we all know Jehovah hates numerology and yet he loves 7,12,40 and hates 6, but its not numerology.

  • 00DAD

    mP, Here is a numerological puzzle describing people the try to force feed ridiculous bible "doctrines" concocted by half-baked, self-proclaimed "scholars" that never went beyond high school:


  • Sheep2slaughter

    Every BH for the last few weeks this one brother manages to work in a comment about how "if we don't see things how the slave see things OUR way is not adjusted right. If the slave says it, it is the same a Jehovah saying it. Trust and obey!" Makes me sick too!

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