Messin' with Sasquatch... or... How I Learned to Laugh at Myself

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  • undercover

    It's fun listening to people argue over stuff (Bible myths) I used to believe. I've heard most of the arguments for believing in Bible myths, but every now and then I hear a good retort against that is so simple, I wonder why I never managed to reason that back when I was still in and believed it all.

    Pro flooder vs non flooder (Noah's flood)

    Pro flooder is trying to argue that the flood actually happened. Non flooder is using the standard, logical arguments against

    Pro flooder resorts to the WTS argument of there are so many stories and legends of floods around the world that this is indeed significant proof of a catastrophic world wide flood.

    Non flooder responds (paraphrased): so what? there are dozens, if not hundreds, of legends about Big Foots, Sasquatches, Abominable Snowmen, Loch Ness Monsters, dragons... that doesn't make them real either.

    A simple reply, yet it results in bringing the whole flood nonsense down to the exact level where it belongs... with fairy tales and legends.

    Maybe not significant to most people, but to those of us raised as JWs, and who accepted the Flood story as historical fact from the Bible, it's pretty tellling just how silly the premise of ever believing such a fanciful story really is... and I actually at one point in my life believed it.

  • sir82

    Problem is, a lot of JWs believe in bigfoot too!

  • undercover

    Problem is, a lot of JWs believe in bigfoot too!

    Well, we know Sasquatch is real. I mean, he's in all those TV commercials for beef jerky.

  • snare&racket

    This is a misconception and a lie to begin witn. Every nation has myths and stories about flooding, not a global flood.

    This changes things a lot.

  • Phizzy

    I read a pro-flooder (non-JW) who argued that the similarities between the legends bespoke of an underlying truth, saved in a boat with lots of animals etc

    Of course, to early man a boat was the only way that sounded logical , flying out on a magic carpet would make the legend simply a fiction from the start, and taking the animals was logical too.

    Ray Franz wrote an essay on the Biblical Flood of Noah, and, Bible believer that he was, he went to great lengths to show that a careful reading of the Hebrew would not exclude a local flood being the basis for the story, he saw flaws in reading into Genesis a global flood story.

    As to your great point in the O.P Under-cover I am so amazed at how I did not see things more clearly much earlier, and many things since leaving have been a"scales falling from my eyes" experience.

    But many years ago I decided that much of the Bible, especially the Adam and Eve and Flood stories were allegorical, even at that time I did not go along with the WT's literal interpretations.

    With that kind of rebel attitude, why the **** did I stay in so long ?

    Thick O'Phizzy be my name.

  • transhuman68

    If the Flood really had happened, there would only be one story about it- the story the survivors told. Everyone else either couldn't have existed in Noah's time... or were drowned. Multiple stories of floods just prove that there always have been floods at various times around the world.

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