Time to get dog fixed - nueticles?

by skeeter1 3 Replies latest social family

  • skeeter1

    It's time to get the puppy fixed, but the men in the family are not "enthused" and want nueticles implanted so the dog can keep a semblance of jewels. Cost is $130 extra. Would you do it?

  • talesin

    I don't think the dog will care.

    Another thing - maybe these implants will cause him extra pain post-surgery. It seems to me that would be more painful.

    Is it worth that? :)


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    So you're imposing your own insecurities regarding your manhood onto your dog?????

  • Glander

    My little male chihuahua, Oscar, didn't have his removed quite soon enough. He is a handsome little black and tan. The week before his surgery was St Patricks day. I painted his little marbles bright green with poster paint. He was a big hit.

    As soon as the vet says it's ok I would do it. Implants? I don't see it.

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