so who is telling the truth

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  • loosie

    so I finally made contact with my mothers overseer in CA. I told him that I was considered that she fainted and fell while in service back in April. THis is what my Aunt who still talks to my mother was told by my mother. The overseer said that he had spoken to my mom and she said that she did not faill while out in service. In fact she hasn't fallen in 3 years.

    So who is telling the facts here?

  • elderelite

    How would someone in the congrgation know and make a blanet statment that she hasnt fallen in 3 years? Is he with her every minute of every day? Hardly a reputable source.

  • moshe
    said that she did not faill while out in service-

    (no she didn't fall, she tripped)

    She how the elder fixed this problem- he didn't actually lie to you, mislead maybe, but no lie.

  • undercover

    No way to really know. We have our prejudicial thoughts of course, but there's no proof one way or the other.

    Don't know your full story, but maybe a chat with Mom would be in order. Maybe she can set the story straight.


    The Aunt is Telling the Truth..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • Balaamsass

    We talked mom into getting one of those pendants she can press for help. $30 per month. MUCH cheaper than extra help, moving etc. A JW comes by to for a few hours each week. Doubles as someone who can call if things are amiss. Also put all the regular bills on Auto pay.

    Make certain she locks up any savings so the WTBTS will not raid her. CDs in Banks OUT OF TOWN with you on the account so the Bank Manager can CALL if she comes in requesting to close accounts etc. Talk to the family attorney and accountant BEFORE dementia sets in, and get papers signed for power of attorney. They will help you navigate Medicare/Medical regs as well.

    The regional Building commitee and WTBTS stripped mined one of our mothers and left her destitute.

  • loosie

    Mom doesn't have any money. My sister and I are only concerned with her health not her money or lack of. If I call mom there will be drama and she will think we are just waiting for her to die. I talked to her once before about her health and got this result, so I have no reason to think things would be any different this time.

  • fakesmile

    certified letter with return recipt? corperations dont [email protected]&% around with certifieds. if you lay out the case and it happens again there will be documentation.

    maybe a lawsuit for eldery neglect.

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