corvette slashed tires - conversation killer.

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  • loosie

    I have contact some old friends from my past to see what they are up too now. Some of them are still in some are out. Two of the ones that are in asked me if I would ever go back to the i tell them the time when my hubby and I tried to go back about 9 years ago while we were in the KH the tires to our corvette were slashed ( $350.00 a tire) Then they stop talking to me after I tell them that. I never said that I thought the JW's did it, I just said that this is what happened. So why do they get so offended at this true story?

  • fakesmile

    that blows. back in the day we heard of vandalisms. i honestly doubt a jw would slash a tire. more likely they would just bury the envy and discuss how the mateialistic S.O.B would die at armageddon.

    my thought is that a hooligan or athiest might vandelize the most expensive car assuming it belongs to the pastor.

    i remember when a newish couple (young, no children) got a v6 camaro, i dont remember them much after that.

  • Glander

    no way of knowing if it was a JW. Actual vandalism seems extreme.

    Whatever, JW's are just as susceptable to destructive envy as anyone. Especially in the enviroment of lower income people with humble employment, a show of material wealth is resented and is used as a measuring stick of spirituality. There was a brother who drove a new Cadillac that was never quite accepted as a true brother.

  • loosie

    We aren't rich by any means of the word. This car costs us $7000.00 and my hubby fixed it up. its a 20 year old car...whats to envy?

  • Balaamsass

    I remember a Pedofile victim who was DISFELLOWSHIPPED fire bombing the Elders homes. I have heard of a number of outraged victims of JC comitees targeting nice cars at the hall.

  • WTWizard

    Yes, witlesses can and do vandalize each other's property and especially if a hounder has a vendetta against another hounder. They are more likely to do that for someone that is disfellowshipped, and then blame poor Satan for it and claim that Jehovah would have protected them if they had remained faithful.

    However, there are many more incidents where random scum show up and trash things. Most likely, a group of teens out for kicks. They go wherever they think they can get away with it and start doing things. They might break into cars, bust windows, cut the tires, or even steal cars for joyrides or to sell for parts. However, if the hounders reasonably know such is going on and they intentionally delay calling the cops as soon as they realize something is wrong, or preach that the victims shouldn't call the cops, they become accessories by obstructing justice.

  • Refriedtruth

    I have been getting my tires slashed and or ice-picked in the sidewall (same thing tire is ruined) since 1989

    The first two episodes was when I was still JW by David MCg**** a jealous ministerial servant at the Rockland Massachusetts Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses then ditto at my new home in another state,when they found out I am 'apostate' now I have sent the WT HQ a written complaint by certified mail posted no trespassing signs went to court for no JW contact order and got 4-8 security cameras watching my driveway and house.

    No paranoia they ARE THAT TREACHEROUS BAD

  • loosie

    wow refreid that is the first time I heard of someone else who thinks they did it.

  • Refriedtruth

    wow refried that is the first time I heard of someone else who thinks they did it.

    James 3:16 'wherever jealousy and contentiousness are there disorder and every vile thing are' That congregation Rockland Massachusetts Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses was dog eat dog and I was out of the fray,they still hated me for nothing.

    YES if there is a God he has conveyed to me positive proofs that the Jehovah's Witnesses are a demonic cult wolves in sheep's clothing.

    The tire slashing tactic is to instill paranoia especially if its just 'ice picked' as the tire won't hold air but there is no hole no evidence.

  • james_woods

    It depends on the individual - and it only takes one.

    We had an elder in Oklahoma who seriously threatened to burn down the kingdom hall when he was removed for conduct unbecoming...

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