The Bouncer Chronicles

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  • KingDavidwasframed

    After I left the cult, I started bouncing at a bar to give me something to do when I never had my kids and to make new friends. Because I do a lot of writing in my day to day business, I started writing about it a few months back.

    I have never had so much fun at work as I do bouncing. And I think my background has made me an excellent bouncer, plus I'm built like a brick craphouse. It has also expanded my friend base (you know how you lose all those fake friends once you stop attending the KH and the JDub cult teachings).

    If you would like to check out my writing, you can find all the articles listed here:

    If you do not feel like reading it, if I could ask you to "like" the page it would be much appreciated.

  • KingDavidwasframed

    Thank-you to those who have been to the page. For anyone who has not yet, if you get a chance to "like" it, I thank-you in advance.

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