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  • Celtic

    I like this spot, it reminds me of a small island in comfortable, peaceful climes, you know I think I'm going to claim this little place and invite friends over from time to time to help me and themselves upon their way.

    Here starts an unusual book, one thread, me, most of me, anecdotes, pearls of wisdom I learn't hither and thither, words of compassion and encouragement, kindness, peaceableness and joy, sad times happy times, lots of philosophy, healing, positiveness and kickass whatknot!!

    If you want to get to know me more, you're most welcome to participate.

    To much healing and peace


  • larakrofthitler

    what is the unusual book that you are talking about?

  • Abaddon

    I live in a flat land. On a bright sunny day with the smell of spring in the air it's okay, the dome of blue, as in any flat land, curving over you where ever you go as though you were trapped in one of those plastic domes you shake to make a snowstorm. You can see for miles (or around 8km) if there's nothing in the way.

    I come from a land of hills. I go there sometimes still. I sit on the train and look out at the hills. It mostly means you can see as far as the next hill, which mostly means you can walk there in twenty minutes, top whack, as the hills are small, and green, and close together. The sky is still there, but the scale of the land is intimate. You feel encircled and, comforted by it. It's like arms.

    I love that land. Sometimes it almost makes me cry, just sitting on a train, looking out the window, eyes watering with quiet joy at the soft green beauty of the hills and fields and trees.

    People living in glass paradigms shouldn't throw stones...

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