Life lessons from The Dark Knight Rises... (Spoilers)

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  • Londo111

    There are so many good themes.

    There is a parallel of Alfred not being truthful with Bruce about his deceased girlfriend, and Commissioner Gordon not being truthful in regard to Harvey Dent. In keeping the truth from people thinking we are protecting them, it does more harm when they do find out the truth. We can't hold to a false symbol or idol or concept.

    Commissioner Gordon said, "I BELIEVED in Harvey Dent." Likewise, I can say, "I believed in the Faithful Slave." It is time, Watchtower Society! No more holding to a dishonest symbol.

    I liked the phrase, "Structures becomes Shackles." How true that an organization can get in the way of doing the best thing, sometimes it is about the power of individuals. Sometimes to do the right thing, we have to circumvent the institution.

    The other part in Batman was the idea of Rising. Sometimes we find ourselves in a deep dark pit that not everyone can get out of. But with the proper motivation we can rise.

    The other theme I noticed is the conversation between Bruce Wayne and Alfred, and Batman and Catwoman. Alfred details how he never wanted Bruce to come back to Gotham, that he wanted him to go and live his life. The other conversation is when Catwoman is urging Batman to leave Gotham, that he gave those people enough. But as Batman said, "Not everything." Sometimes we have to return to Gotham before we can leave it and move on with our life.

    I really like Christopher Nolan's movies. They are very thought provoking. The Presitge was good. As was Inception. With Inception, I wonder if Christopher Nolan was detailing what he is trying to do: implant life changing idea through living dreams (movies). That is the power that storytelling and parables have. It can implant ideas in people's heads far deeper than other mediums.

  • that quiet girl
    that quiet girl

    Good points that a lot of us never would have thought of. Thank you! It's true that sometimes movies have a message behind them that may not be so obvious. Some movies seem like they are purely for entertainment, with no message behind it. Maybe like Batman. Or it may have both an obvious message and an underlying one. If we learn to look more closely, we may be pleasantly surprised to find that we learned something from it, or that it can really helps us get through difficult situations in our lives. It's nice when we can share, on forums like this, things we have learned from movies, books, etc.

  • that quiet girl
    that quiet girl

    Hey, I just noticed my avatar has bat wings and we were just discussing Batman, lol. Sorry

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