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    "It was a policy adopted formally by the Vatican in 1962. Joseph Ratzinger then as a priest helped formulate it. It says that when children are harmed in any Catholic parish anywhere in the world, the priest and the bishop are under Papal order to suppress the evidence of that, to hide ... well to protect the child rapist. Never to tell the police and to silence the victim. If they don't do that they can be excommunicated. So in effect it says that raping a child is not a crime, it's just a sin, but talking about it in a church is a crime that can get you thrown out, and even held in a Papal prison, if you release this information. So, it's a formal policy, it's a criminal conspiracy to hide and protect child rape all over the world. And that's an enormous obstruction of justice and a crime against humanity. And that's one of the reasons that lawyers all over the world are so interested in that. It's from the very top of the church."

    The above quote is from a recent Red Ice Radio interview with Annett, the audio for which can be heard/downloaded from here:

    A source inside the Vatican in 2003 released the secret information contained in this document (Crimine solicitationies), to the London Observer newspaper:

    A copy of the Vatican document can be found here:


    "Kevin D Annett is a Canadian writer and former minister of the United Church of Canada. Annett graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology and a Master's Degree in Political Science. Annett has written two books on the subject of residential school abuse in Canada. In 2006, Kevin produced a documentary on this topic called 'Unrepentant.' Additionally, he created and hosted 'Hidden from History,' a public affairs and human rights program on Vancouver Cooperative Radio from 2001 until the station shut him down in 2010. On previous programs with Kevin, we spoke about the world-wide system of abuse by church and state upon children and adults. He returns to the program to discuss the historic lawsuit which is being filed by Kevin Annett on behalf of the ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State) and Jason Bowman of The Association of Citizen Prosecutors (ACP) in Federal Court against the Church and Crown." (

    More details about the case can be found here:

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    A source inside the Vatican in 2003 released the secret information contained in this document (Crimine solicitationies), to the London Observer newspaper:

    That's baloney.

    None of this is true. The letter was not “confidential,” or at least not for long; it was published by the Vatican that same year in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, the official journal of the Holy See, and it’s been available in English translation since at least 2002. Ratzinger did not claim that the church had anything remotely like “exclusive jurisdiction” over sex abuse cases. Rather, his letter clarified how the church’s internal disciplinary process should handle a variety of accusations against priests, sex abuse included, and it gave the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith “exclusive competence” to handle these accusations, in an effort to centralize and expedite the process....

    Nothing in the document forbade bishops, priests, parents or victims from contacting legal authorities or the press, and the letter certainly didn’t threaten excommunication (a word that never appears in the text) for doing so. It required secrecy (“the pontifical secret” is the technical term that appears) for the canonical proceedings themselves — not an unusual policy, given the privacy concerns involved for accusers and accused alike — but it required no such secrecy from anyone when it came to reporting accusations to civil authorities. (It would be extremely strange if it had done so, given that only a year later, the Vatican approved the American bishops’ 2002 “Charter for the Protection of Young People and Children,” which required that any abuse allegation be reported to secular law enforcement.)

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    That letter was probably leaked by an infiltrated mason in the Catholic Church. I hope they get rid of them soon, they shouldn’t be too difficult to identify, they are the ones with the long tusks.

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