JWs charged in Russia, again!

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    They charge that:

    The literature, which is included on a federal list of extremist materials, spreads ideas of exclusivity and superiority and brands those with alternative religious beliefs as inferior, the Investigative Committee said in a statement.

    Uh, yep...I'd say that's true! I'll never forget being a sad little boy, thinking that Jehovah was going to destroy my sweet Grandma and Grandpa and cousins who I loved so much.

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    Great news

  • Scott77

    I think, the one thing we can do is to help the Russian government authorities with more facts about the Watchtower society of Jehovah's Witnesses teachings so that they get a better picture of how dangerous they are. We know more about the JW teaching more than anyone else. Its simples as like sending them an attachment with a list of documents. Please, can we do that?


  • Scott77

    Jehovah's Witnesses Charged with Extremism

    30 July 2012 The Moscow Times

    Ten Jehovah's Witnesses in Chuvashia were charged Monday with criminal acts including the incitement of hatred and extremism in a case that is raising new worries about religious freedom in Russia.

    "This situation is a serious breach of the rights of believers in Russia," said Sergei Tarasov, a Chuvash human rights activist following the case.

    "This is something new — we have not seen anything like this before," he said by phone. "It creates instability amid an effort to establish an atmosphere of calm and tolerance in our country."

    The 10 suspects, ages 31 to 64, are accused of distributing banned literature among residents of the towns of Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk, Kanash and Alatyr. The literature, which is included on a federal list of extremist materials, spreads ideas of exclusivity and superiority and brands those with alternative religious beliefs as inferior, the Investigative Committee said in a statement.

    According to investigators, the suspects organized a network in the Chuvash towns in November 2009 that spread a religious message denying traditional cultural and moral values and facilitating the incitement of religious and social hostility among residents.

    Authorities became aware of the "extremist community" during the course of a separate criminal investigation involving one of the suspects, a 39-year-old Cheboksary resident, the statement said.

    The Jehovah's Witness community in Russia, which numbers over 130,000 members, has endured a continuous struggle with authorities over its religious beliefs. In 2004, the country's highest court labeled 34 of the group's publications extremist and banned the activities of its Moscow branch.

    Tarasov said 29 Jehovah's Witness groups have recently ceased activities in Russia through personal choice or because of state intervention.


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  • earthfire

    I just don't want them to get hurt. If anyone incites the Russian government to some type of action they may feel motivated to harm witnesses. Then it could escalate to much, much more. Don't forget about what happened with the concentration camps. Russia is moving steadily towards an Authoritarian Government and we need to tread lightly no matter how we feel about the teachings of witnesses.

  • diamondiiz

    The problem is wts not individual dubs who have been conned into following the cult. While I support Russia in banning wts in their country I don't support charging r&f which is the problem, how do you deal with a cult without punishing the followers? Cult followers will sacrifice their lives for their cult so you won't be able to ban them effectively. They can confiscate wts assets in Russia which is a good start but then how do you deal with helping members who will continue blindly preach their nonsense and suck in other ignorant ones who only want a better life for themselves - paradise earth is a wonderful carrot for the poor.

    I suppose with the proceeds from wts assets they could run ads showing wts scandels or deception to help potential recruits and maybe help wake the wts followers but that is very unlikely for the government to do.

  • Scott77

    The real culpits are the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witneses Society in New York who do not know what they are doing. Iam not advocating for hash punishment of the rank and files Jehovah's Witneses. I think, that would be counter productive. The Russian government needs to be sensetized about the cult religion of Jehovah's Witneses as very dangerous, for example, allowing children to die with no blood transfusion, breakdown of families, anti civililization such discouraging education in favor of a life of poverty, etc. I think, a complete ban might be effective including heavy fines.


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    The Oracle

    Music to my ears!

    The Oracle

  • Refriedtruth

    Jehovah's Witnesses leadership make terrorist's threats of death at Armageddon,they indoctrinate and will hold your family member *hostage* requiring that the recruit shun former members and those who speak out against the abuses of the cult.

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