Beware the eggs in your head

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  • Terry

    The cuckoo doesn't build a nest.
    It lays its eggs in another bird's nest. The other bird does all the work. Free childcare!

    Ideas are like those Cuckoo eggs.

    The one's you have in your nest that hatch problems for you may not be your own

    But, whose are they and how did they get inside your head?

    A chain is as strong as the weakest of the links. The cuckoo egg is the weak link in our thinking.

    The idea we don't own is the idea that wrecks our thinking!

    We reason by linking ideas!

    What is an IDEA? What is outside our body but the world?

    This world reaches us by our senses. We form impressions by those senses. We see...hear...smell...taste...and touch the world!

    Our skills in refining those vague impressions determines the accuracy of our concepts.
    (Concepts are File Folders that label general things)
    Our language transmits these concepts to others using words.

    A word that can mean anything ends up signifying nothing. (Thing-a-ma-jig) (what-you-may-call-it)
    If a "definition" of a word is fuzzy and indistinct we can't communicate accurately.
    We MUST begin with a clear definition.

    Ideas are signs. The signs connect to....something.

    And idea is like a cloud that "means" rain to a farmer or shade to guy sitting on a bus stop.
    Sometimes our ideas connect to nothing real. At other times the ideas do connect to reality.

    Useful ideas connect to really existing things verifable to all. (Factual)
    But, counterfeit ideas stimulate the cuckoo eggs in your head put there---not by choice!

    These cuckoo eggs hatch and your ideas and thoughts are taken over by UNreal flights of fancy!

    The cuckoo bird who visits you wants to lay its eggs in your nest!


    1.You can't "know" anything. (Although he seems to "know" that, doesn't he?)
    2.You can't rely on logic because it is manmade and imprecise. (And uses logic to present that view)
    3.Each person has their own reality; what is true for one person isn't true for another. (As though mere opinion were the same as fact)
    4.You can't truly define anything because we all think differently. (Which means science is merely whim and arbitrary)

    The above is intended to disable your alarm and allow them to break in and leave their eggs to hatch inside your head!

    You'll find yourself with very strong opinions on topics you've never studied in depth!

    You'll rely on feelings and emotions to convince yourself of truth as though emotions were a source of information instead of a reflection of your values.

    You'll rely more and more on Authority figures instead of personal research.

    One day you will find yourself sitting in an uncomfortable folding chair in a Kingdom Hall with the other hatched cuckoo-heads nodding and smiling

    and drooling as your real life slips away.......

  • Terry

    The hatched cuckoo bird looks nothing at all like its "sibling"!

    The Cuckoo eggs laid in your head look nothing like the thoughts you'd put there yourself by skeptical thinking!

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