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  • Splash

    Just been reading this letter from the WTS in Australia a few years ago Defining the word 'charity' it says:

    Real charity is both the "purpose" and the "nature" of the activities carried out by a Christian religion if it follows the example of Christ set forth in the Bible. Perhaps the best known Scriptural principle related to charity is recorded at 1 Corinthians 13:13: King James Version.

    "And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity."—

    This statement was made by an apostle to the early Christian church. However, in modern times, the word "charity" has assumed a related, but more limited, meaning. The

    Collins English Dictionary, Fourth Australian Edition , defines "charity" as— " 1a the giving of help, money, food, etc., to those in need.… 5 love of one’s fellow men.… from Latin caritas affection, love …"

    Therefore, the "charity" of the Christian religion includes, but extends beyond, giving to the poor and needy by means of the provision of money, clothing, food, medical attention, and other material help. It may, or may not, include assistance to the poor and needy by means of gifts of material possessions, but it is exercised for the good of the other person or a community of persons. It can include providing encouragement, advice, and counsel, giving hope, or showing kindness.

    Maybe the next WT publication should be an authoritative dictionary.


  • kurtbethel


    Show me a WT shelter, soup kitchen or medical facility.

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