How to change some significance of 1914.

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  • Finkelstein

    There is no question that the generation overlapping doctrine has left open for a possible change in the anchor year of 1914. Much of the core doctrines presented by the WTS. centers around 1914, so there might need to be some adjustment in the near future.

    Its a shame that there were so many people who were taken by the WTS. self supporting ( Marketing) doctrines over the years but they exploited people's own inherent ignorance of what the bible really says.

  • steve2

    1914 is a pivotal foundational Jehovah's Witness doctrine.

    It cannot be discarded.

    However, like a quake-prone house, it can be refitted brick-by-laborious brick. The transformation began last century when the inside cover blurb that had adorned The Awake! magazine was changed; the blurb that stated that those who had witnesses the events of World War One would still be alive to witness the end of this wicked system of things. The Truth book (1968) had an impressively stark arrow starting at 1914 and pointedly descending around 1975. No guess what happened to that illustration after 1975 was not pierced by an arrow. It disappeared.

    But there will be no demolishing of that quake-prone doctrine - but there has been a gradual, purposeful, solution-focused series of refittings. The overlapping generations is one of the more recent refits. The house still stands.

    Like the refitted house, in some fundamental way the 1914 doctrine will still be the same but different.

  • Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Steve2, I agree. They must keep 1914, they will keep 1914.
  • Finkelstein

    Its anyone's guess to how long the WTS will hold to the overlapping generation doctrine from now and into the future.

    Will they appeal to another complete lifespan of 70 to 80 years or more.

    I'll make an assertive guess that they will hold on longer than I live perhaps 30, 40 more years ???

    Playing to the fools and the naive is what the WTS does do so well.

    ...... and I would also expect that the GB living today have got themselves covered reflecting on their own personal lifespan as well .

  • TheListener

    I think they will hold 1914 for awhile longer but eventually it will cease to be of any importance. It's already so long ago to most younger ones that it might as well be 1799. But, eventually they will have to update the date. I don't know how but I am sure they are working on it.

    I also think the overlapping generation teaching won't be around a long time. I think that whole thing is part of a two step plan. Step 1, overlapping generations. Step 2, generation just means common collective memory regardless of when you were born, they could say that theoretically this type of generation could last for hundreds of years since modern technology keeps our memories much sharper than they would be generations ago. See, our kind God gave us modern technology in this time of the end to ensure the generation spoken of could be long enough to see the events of 1914 or XX date and the end of the system of things whenever it happens.

    just my idea.

  • sloppyjoe2
    I know they will never and can't give up 1914. That's why I said they would keep it as the year of Christ's return and when satan was cast to the earth. The only change would be the last days no longer started in 1914 but changed to a different event.

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