Making more room for healing to take place ....

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  • Celtic

    Rhetorical questions.

    How can we individually and collectively make more room for healing?

    What is healing?

    Is healing self empowerment?

    What is self empowerment?

    What is it that we enjoy the most?

    Could it nbe true that what we enjoy the most is what we are truly exceptional at?

    How do we build up our confidence and trust in these facts?

    What qualities nurture in a person changed characteristics in and during any form of personal development?

    What of tolerance and patience?

    What of understanding in cyber space for real time cultural diversity and difference?

    What of respect for others backgrounds, all unique in their own way?

    How can we be more giving to others rather than taking from other perpetually?

    Are you a pro-active learner, not putting up barriers, rather building bridges towards greater understanding of one another?

    Is truth a double edged sword?



  • Scully

    Thank you for this Celtic.

    The events on the board today have me particularly distressed. I'm loathe to get involved one way or the other, as there's so much I do not know about the people at the heart of the fracas. Moreover, I don't feel it's my place to take sides or pass judgement.

    Most days I find this forum to be a refreshing place, where ideas are exchanged openly in a spirit of respect. I can't say that today though, and I feel very bothered by it. I don't expect everyone to always get along and not have disagreements ever, this isn't some kind of virtual Stepford - to hope for that is to be asking the impossible, and that's not how I envision this place anyway.

    I don't always agree with everyone, and there are some posters that I prefer over others. There are still others whom I take it upon myself to politely ignore and not descend into the kind of flame wars that I've witnessed in the past. Kind of like what I learned as a kid: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

    Didn't we all learn that when we were kids??

    I'm not saying we can't disagree on anything, but there's no reason in the world why people can't treat each other with respect and give them the human dignity that we all deserve, while disagreeing with ideas that we might put forth.

    Love and Peace,

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