Exit Therapy

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  • BreathoftheIndianNose

    Formal therapy, self help or just any other activities you find thereputic. What have you found to help sort stuff out and 'de-program'?

  • Balaamsass

    Play with the dog and go for a walk. Tried therapy...just seemed to dig up old Sh#!#!that it was to late to do much about. Decided to leave some of that old baggage behind- Try...I am on here aren't I ??????? :)

  • transhuman68

    O.K. Here's what I recommend:

    1. Get laid. This is always good.

    2. Realise that life is difficult. For everyone. Not just ex-JW's.

    3. Read books written by people like John Shelby Spong, Burton L. Mack, Elaine Pagels, Richard Dawkins , Daniel C. Dennett, etc.

    After that you should be good to go, lol!

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Read Escape by Carolyn Jessop.


  • Phizzy

    I did all the reading, I consciously resisted any thought or feeling or speech that was WT connected (I swear a lot more now), and I proved to myself that the WT/JW religion was false in every aspect.

    De-programming done and dusted.

    And yet I still had problems of some sort, so have sought proper counselling/therapy and we are progessing well, she is great at getting me to see where my problem stems from, i.e being brought up in a cult whose teachings I could not swallow and high-control I hated.

    She helps me see my way to solving my problem ( a form of depression) too.

    I would not reject therapy/conselling if available, but of course it depends on your problems and how good the Counseller/Therapist is.

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