Which Governing Body Member Did Works Greater Than The Apostles?

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  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    We are carefully guided with the printed resources of the Watchtower to come to the conclusion, the Governing Body are Jesus Christ's brothers who are taking the lead over his domestics. Throughout the World, there might be Annointed members that are living their life the way of the self-less Christians of the first few centuries.

    Which member of the Governing Body has endured the foretold punishment and martyerdom, members of the Great Crowd and Apostles have suffered by giving up their lives? Examples in Poland, Russia, Africa, and other banned countries. Why are the members of the Great Crowd being tested by Satan in the Field, while the Governing Body in New York, are tested with air conditioned apartments, with servants who clean their room, person assistants, new cars, first class plane tickets, vacation resorts comp'ed by creature worshiping friends?

    Do you think Jesus Christ is impressed a Governing Body member flew to the hot desert of Africa, to upbuild persecuted Christians with a talk like "Remain Happy with only Spiritual Riches", or "Continue suffering persecution with Joy Brothers!", our brothers are living in tents and Shanty-towns while the GB member is put up in the best accomedations? The brothers donate to our New York brother, and he has done his work, how much suffering did the GB member endure? How can he will a good conscience take one penny from these poor brothers with barely any good?

    How can you reconcile faithful brothers of Christ having to experience extreme persecution, some still preaching with a fury, while the self-appointed members in Brooklyn worry about their Noon Nap, and Ice Cream Snack. This is a mockery to Jesus Christ. Who are really the true annointed members, "you will know them by their fruit!" I don't think Jesus promised them a Rolex, or luxury living quarters on Earth, while the second class citizens aka "The Great Crowd" did all the preaching work he commanded them to do.

    Jesus told the rich man, in the account of "Lazarus with the dog licking his wounds' "You had all your good things on Earth, now it's Lazarus turn to receive his good things and riches. The Governing Body Members have received all their "Good Things on This Earth", logic says the Great Crowd will receive their good things in Heaven, or where ever their Master sends them to enjoy the riches of his reward for them!

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    That's an easy one NONE.

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