Advance Health Care Directive dpa-E Us PDF?

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  • Caminante

    A friend of mine, active JW, is about to go to the States and needs an English AHCD document. Can any of you provide me a scan of the latest revision of the US edition of it? I found an Australian version that pretty much resembles the current Romanian revision used here (Nov. 2004), but I'm not sure it's accurate according to US laws and/or the US version of the form. Thanks.

  • illoowy

    In the U.S. there are different versions depending on which of the States you live in since there's State laws that concern these and there isn't a federal law commanding them. So the wording may change in a form from down South or from Out West to the one used in New England, and even within regions, the one from Massachusetts may resemble one from another State in another region more than in a neighboring State. Maybe this will change with new federal regulations on health care, but as of yet, that's what I understand the situation to be in the U.S.

  • Caminante

    Well, eventually I created an ad-hoc version based on the Australian one and a US one that was posted on JWN in 2003, to make sure all terms that are present in the Romanian version are also laid out. I put the PDF on Sendspace too, just in case.

    (click on the big blue "click here to download with sendspace", ignore anything else)

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